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help a kid out

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hey guys not sure if i should be posting this somewhere else. if it should be moved go for it.

anyway there is a kid i know in downing wisconsin and he is just starting out working on stuff and is a eager learner. he doesn't really have any money or anyone to help teach him from what he has told me.

ive boxed up some of my old unused tools to send to him as a starter kit kinda thing but its not much really, old sockets, ratchets some screwdrivers. a few wrenches i havn't used in years that sorta thing.

i was wondering if anyone here would want to help me out and give him some of there old spare unused tools as well? it would go to a great kid and help him out.

i can pm the address if you would like to help out.

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hey guys, come on help this kid out. i know its a strange request but i think its worth while.

remember back when we were young and didn't have anything and got little here and little there, maybe from dad or whatever. well heres our chance to give to someone and help them out a little.

im expecting a bunch of stuff and help for him, i just thought a few people might want to help him out and give some of there unused or old tools they don't really need anymore.

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I have 3 sons, I'm saving all my tools for them to split up between them...But if you have a PayPal acct. I'll send a little dough for the cause...thats a nice thing your doing sm01

PS...Maybe you can post a list of things needed (that can be crossed-off)so he doesnt just get 25 phillips screwdrivers.

Does he have an air compressor? I do have an old impact driver I can send...

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well, from my understand he has been borrowing everything from a neighbor he has like two screwdrivers and a adjustable wrench i think.

pretty much needs everything.

im donating

1/4" 3/8" ratchets

various old sockets that aren't a complete set,1/4" 3/8"

some needle noses, a slip joint plier, and a linesman

some various old screwdrivers

some wrenches i have i think i had 3/8" up to 3/4" when i looked

ive thrown in misc. things that i thought would help the kid out, but ive really kinda run out of my extra extra stuff.

so anything would be helpful really. im sure he would welcome anything you can donate.

if you want to donate ill pm you the paypal address i use.

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