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Most used attachment????

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Dump cart - for hauling, carrying tools, gathering branches - this was my only attachment before I got my replacement deck.

Aerator or dethatcher - lately more the aerator, since it makes holes in any thatch, and is better for incorporating organic matter

Zero attachment - sometimes I enjoy the barebones tractor just joy riding my forest trails, uphills, downhills. I used to dirtbike; this is much safer, and I am older. I like crawling up hills.

Mower w Cardboard - block mower chute for fall leaf mowing - tons of leaves here. They disappear -> followup with aerator to work it in.

Wants: (ground engagers)

A bucket. Preferably sleevehitch scooptote.

Also would like a trip blade and a moldboard plow.

Also an EZRake and Revitalizer and Earthcavator.

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If I list by the # of hrs used it would be;

Track-Vac'ing leaves every fall (ALOT)

Snowblowing (most winters)

Tilling & Cultivating

Lawn rolling, Spreading fertilizer, dethatching

lots of cart work too...ITS ALL GOOD!!!

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They may not be the most used. But my favorite's to use are the 10" moldboard and tiller. The two together make a really great day. If it weren't for my wife my entire yard would be worked up!!!!

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Most used, Hmm. Most hours would put the mower and dozer as 1 & 2, but as far as frequency (and a 'normal' winter):









All of them get used quite a bit. I use the Mac Shredder usually only a weekend or so in the fall, but it works great. EZ Rake, Revitalizer, Earthcavator and Grader are each a ball a time or two each year. I think the Mac Sprayer will see it's fair share of use, when I get that up and running. I have only used my cart once since buying it. The CarryAll is more handy unless the load is too large.

I make it a point to use my moldboard, as that's just plain fun!

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By General Hours used


Loader Tractor

Pull behind Bush Hog



Dozer blade


Dump Cart


Manure spreader



Ball hitch

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1, 27" snowblower on my Serf. All 5hp of it. Have you ever seen a 5hp snowblower 27" wide that you can RIDE on??

2, My Brinly 10" plow on my Landlord because some people think you need a lot of horsepower to pull a plow, too.

3, My 30" Agrifab pull behind sweeper, because I can use it with either tractor.

4, My 32" deck on my Wonder-Boy 575 because I can make cool stripes!!

Photos coming.....;);)

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would have to be the center grader blade. it stays mounted year around on the B-110 with right hand lift. use the tractor daily to go get the mail so usually drop the blade a few times along the way. 46" blade on the 2010 would have to be next . average 6hrs plowing on a decent snow fall.

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