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speedi Sleeve

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I have a simplicity 700 and I want to fix the bad leaking on the rear axle. I pulled the axle out and it does have a grove on it so I think a speedi sleeve would work. I think I also want to put one on the axle tube since that also has a wear grove in it.

I used my harbour freight measure tool and this is what I got.

Axle 1.17 inches

Tube 1.74 inches

Questions I have:

Do they come this exact size?

Has anyone used them with any luck?

Who is a vendor I can get them from?

The best is when someone posts a link with the 2 parts I need and then I know what I am getting is right. I would hate to order the wrong ones only to end up in a box and never used. HINT HINT:D

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Seems you'd have a hard time pressing a speedi sleeve all the way up the axle shaft. They work well in most applications but I've never seen one on an axle. If you check out the seal bore you may be able to drive a new seal deeper and get on a clean area of the axle. Then there would be no need for a sleeve, just a new seal.

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