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Trying to ID the year of my tractor

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Getting build dates is as easy as robbing Fort Knox. But if your engine is original and the serial number is legible, there is a chance that our team of experts :D can get get you an approximate date which should be pretty close.

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What Bob needs is the S/N off the engine.

If it hasn't been repowered, then the date codes from the engine would give you an approximate build date.

Serial numbers meant close to nothing at the time of assembly.

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quote:Originally posted by volensaeros

posted above ^

id="quote">Download the Kohler service manual for the K 341 engine http://www.kohlerengines.com/onlinecatalog/pdf/tp_2379.pdf . In it is S/N number by year info and that is as close as you'll get to finding out when your tractor was built, providing you have an original engine.

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No. Well, kinda no. :D

The eng code, spec, serial, all that stuff - and the translation from the manual is the best.

The MFR#, or MFG#, same thing is a general indicator at best - Simplicity used the same MFR over multiple years. Significant changes, like a new model, would get a new MFR. Unless the MFR was known to have only been used for one year, it is an approximation.

Even original bill of sale might not work. Last years tractor sold this year, would not help.

I have also heard that Allis Chalmers serial numbers are not supported by any reference material - so just about useless. I guess, if you had 2 identical tractors side by side, you could compare serial numbers - but there's nothing to look up to verify anything.

So, answer to question is No.

You can pretty much nail it with engine numbers. Those are stuck on at the factory - BLT has indicated previously that there could be a 3 month delay (or so) between date of engine manufacture and date of completed tractor manufacture.

Other indicators, see the cross reference "XREF" tables at (link)


Other indicators - specific hardware, changes, etc.

example - the 700-series appeared in 1975 with pod headlights on the side of the hood. Mid-1977, the pods were deleted, and the headlights moved to upper grille, also new grille. Likely a new MFR. But that hardware is known as "early model" (75-77) or "late model" (77-79).



:D Are we having fun yet? :D Want more? Try dating Sunstar tractors. (there's an app for that) ( a thread called "years of sunstars").

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