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What year is my B-10

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Trying to figure out what year my B-10 is. The serial number is illegible. It has the Bee decals, yet it has a 9 H.P. 23D in it, the numbers on the engine are 23D 012902 27743.The engine and the side plates on the tranny have both yellow and black paint on them.I remember Kent saying something about the steering gears can be used to date it, so here are some pictures

allis 1-3-13 004.jpg

allis 012.jpg

While we're at it, anybody got any idea what this notch is for in the hood?

allis 005.jpg

Who knows whats all been swapped out on this thing (hood, motor, frame, etc.)I'd appreciate any help I could get, otherwise I'll just tell everybody its a 1962 and leave it at that.Thanks!




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Well... The 23d was built in February 1964.


The full round steering gear and 23d tell me its an early B10, but the hood stripe and Bee decals say late B10

An early should have yellow engine and tranny, late would be black.

The bolt on clutch pedal mount also indicates early, as does the grill mesh.

As for the notch, no idea why it was hacked up.

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Yep, the round steering gear & grill indicating frame is early b10. Hood & side plates likely swapped out as is motor. Early b10s dad yellow 23d motor & transmission. If that grill is fairly straight I'd look toward someday taking her back to early b10 restore.

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Yep, it appears to be an early B-10 (1964) with mis-matched Bumblebee decals or sheet metal...

I just can't see swapping out steering gear (which requires a different steering shaft to match it), grille frame and engine. I think those are likely correct -- it's the decals/sheet metal that is wrong...

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First generation B-10's had 23D engines,


B-10*2025041***Landlord****990308**9 HP, ES 1963-64

B-10*2025042***Landlord****990314**9 HP, M S 1963-64

Both numbers after 23D could be a S/N the lower build Sept 63 and the higher Feb 64. Either way it appears to be a '64 production year tractor.

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Thanks for all your help guys!

I went out and scratched the tranny- sure enough, its yellow underneath. Whoever painted it black did a good job and used incredible paint.

The engine also has yellow paint on it.

So, I think I have a 1964 early B-10 with original motor and trans. Wrong hood and decals. Thats my story an I'm stickin to it.

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Sounds good. It's great to know exactly whatcha got. Now you know the starting point, and can restore as desired, or as required; and expect the right parts to fit well. Good luck. sm01

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I robbed this picture from an old topic. Anybody know where I can get the emblem for the grille? Or is it a decal? Is it even correct? Its not the same as the picture of early B-10 on simpletractors.Are replacement grilles available? I haven't seen or heard much of them.



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