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Seals for a B-10

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Can anybody tell me part number and availability for the following seals for a B-10:

Axle tube seals: # 2025637 qty 2

BGB input seal: #2025631 qty 1

BGB left shaft seal: #2025432 qty 1

BGB right shaft seal: #2025644 qty 1

How do you change the axle seals? Do you just pull the hubs and differential and change them from the outside or does the tranny have to be split?

I assume the BGB seals can all be changed from the outside?

The axle seals NEED to be changed, the BGB seals I was just going to change while I had the tractor torn down.

I ask before I try because its better to go into a project with prior knowledge rather than foul it up and bask in hindsight.


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I would download the Simplicity parts manual below and use the Simplicity numbers. Jack`s website will have the new numbers if the old number has been superceded. Any Simplicity dealer can order you Simplicity parts. I buy mine locally. It helps keep him in business and his employees working. He is usually the same price as Jack`s or cheaper and doesn`t charge shipping. Bearing supply houses or NAPA get get the seals as well. Except the one on the right side of the BGB.


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