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Neighbor selling simp electric lift kit/

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Just curious...What would be a BARGIN price on a Simplicity 1690606 - Electric Lift Kit? My neighbor has one off of a 7112? he wants to sell but has not set a price. I really don't need one now but down the line....One never knows?


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quote:Originally posted by Talntedmrgreen

Mark, if you get it for $10, I'd give you $20. Pretty good margin!

id="quote">I'll give him $45 and he can bring it on Feb 9th. He lives roughly 6 mi from me, he, he.:D

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Man ,You guys are too kind! 45 dollars and you still expect me to deliver it...Now I remember why I joined the club!;)

I will tell you that I did buy the lift for 100.00 but the guy had a few other items lying around that he threw in to sweeten the deal for me. Me being the nice and honest guy that I am I did not want to hurt the sellers feelings so I gave him 150.00 instead and I took the extras and the lift off of his hands for him.

Items included :

Working starter generator,bracket and belt + regulator.

3 cast iron deck arbours in good shape.

Complete cone cluth assembly showing minor wear.

Fresh rebuild (7100 series)Hydro pump with new titanium bushings installed.

2 other delco regulators with one new in the box.

Mid sixties simp carb and air cleaner.

BGB case/cover plus a few odds and ends.

I guess I did my good deed for the day! ;)

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You did well. Nice to come away from a deal feeling good.

I was going to offer 50. Shipping it over the border would probably cost me more than double that - thanx to what they call "brokerage fees" an amazing scam where somebody looks at your shipped item, and charges at least 40 to do so - and they open the packaging too. I wondered how many items they might process in one day - do the math on that. Note that this is above and beyond any quoted shipping costs. It's shipping cost + brokerage fee. 8) Surprise!

Pure middle man profit. for nothing.

I wonder if this is in play when shipping USPS. There could be different rules on that. Not sure.

If any experienced Canadians know a way around this rip, please advise. Yet another reason Canucks like cross-border shopping. This is a deal killer.

I read about deals you guys get everyday here. It's amazing. There's just about nothing even for sale here - there's a rusty Lexington AC lying in a snowbank for some 3bills - that's it. Ad says it's complete. I can hardly contain myself. 8) It's some 120 mile drive.


CraigsList is pretty much a waste of time here.

There are more wanted ads than you can shake a stick at. Some are recyclers, some are scrappers, some are individuals interested in resto and preserve. If a deal pops, you already missed it, cos 40 others saw it first. So I read ShowNTell and share in the joy. I am lucky I bought in when I did; and lucky I got the deals I did. It's only slightly better in the warm season.

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Some of us are lucky enough to live in Simplicityville..the birth place of everything orange.sm05

So what you are telling me is that I should give serious thought to buying a canoe and making nightime runs up into Canada with loads of simplicity parts.....Very interesting thought^

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ummm - yes! :D

I make lil jokes with Dan/rokon. He's roughly across a different lake from me. If they ever run a ferry across the lake, I would be his "bestest" friend, or like that.

I used to live in Sarnia. Used to walk across the bridge (and nobody said nothing) to Port Huron MI, with some friends, when I was a kid. And the Americans came to Sarnia area also. It was like there was a bridge but no border. Now it's all gone. Anti-terrorist security. It's sad how it's a serious challenge now, talking to customs agents, you don't play any games, you need your papers in order, you answer questions directly, and they still might search the car. And I have seen dogs sniffing cars while waiting in the lineups. That's bizarre.

Now I need a passport - those used to cost $10. Now they cost $100 - or you can't enter the USA. Last time i entered they let me through but I was told it would never happen again.

But now I live in a place that first involves a significant drive, just to cross the border - and then what? More significant drive to major centers in upper NY. or maybe a local junk yard for parts tractors. Or who knows. I have lil daydreams about hitching my trailer and just go, maybe with a laptop. That's a lot of prep. It gets crazy. And then if I stayed out of CA for a few days, the limits coming back increase. I need to research import laws - got into that once, ended up reading a lot of legaleez. Schemes and dreams.

Don't do the canoe thing - cigarette smuggling kinda changed that world quite a bit. Satellite, radar, omg, it's crazy.

I still have friends in Sarnia. And have cross border shopped with them a fair bit - but not for tractor stuff - more like cigs, gas, and a trip to Target, or other malls, go for lunch, etc. Mainly clothing and stuff. It's fun. Some of that has changed too. Tobacco and gas and booze used to be hot items. Things keep tightening up. Your country increased taxes a lot lately.

The retailers here all whine about it - but their prices are totally stupid - so they get no respect. There are bus tours full of old folks just going for a day out in the U.S. It's just a shopping trip. And the International concept is simply exciting. People might spend a pile of money whether the price is better or not - but it usually is.

The retailers actually tried to organize a Black Friday event here - but it was totally lame. Mostly dumping their junk on people. Maybe it's like that somewhat in the States too. But people here would rather do the dangerous stampede at the door just to be there and see it. fighting over items = priceless - wow what an experience!

But the Sarnia/Port Huron thing is already closer to Wisconsin and it's influence, which is pretty far reaching. I have seen deals not far over the border there; actually tried to contact some. Nothing developed tho.

If I were to move to Sarnia again, it would be more interesting. It would only be a matter of time until I met up with Ray or Josh or some others. Of course, after some of the antics I've pulled here, they might not want to meet me. 8) sm03

It's a lot of driving to various locations. There's no cheap way to beat that. Living in Wisconsin is a serious advantage; and much the same with neighboring states. That's a lot of territory; not some simple short drive. I have actually thought the annual gathering in that restaurant, the Feb 9th thing, I think it is. It's a huge drive; some many many hours, just to have a beer w the boys. Crazy, huh. Is that the one they call the bs session where you get to shoot the bull for 5 minutes?? I dunno. Sounds like a blast. but for that kinda drive, a weekend bash would be more fun, and make it part of an even larger tour. Yup, schemes and dreams. Dan did a huge delivery tour last year; long drive; featuring a cast of stars enroute. I saw pix he posted here at Sandy Lake and BLT's place, with some others. If he does that again, it would be a gas just to go for the ride. But I'm not as young as I used to be; still a little crazy tho. The point of view changes a bit; that's about it.

(I guess it was time for another short novel post). Cheers. sm01

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