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Put the wheel underneath the trailer hitch on your truck. set a small floor jack or bottle jack on the edge of the tire and jack it up against the hitch on the vehicle. The bead may not completely break free, but it will move some. Move the jack about an inch around the wheel and do it again. Keep doing this till it comes loose. There have been times when I have gone almost all the way around before the bead popped loose.

I have a tire changer now, so I haven't used the above method for quite a few years, but it worked when I did. It will work when driving your vehicle onto the tire will not break it loose.

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Old style bumper jacks work great too IF you can find one.

If I use the drive on method, I use the left front tire of my truck.

Once you get the hang of it, you can "steer" your way around almost a third of the rim. :D

I can do any front in my bench vise, and some of the 6 12 rears too.

For the rears I mainly use my tire bead hammer, built for the job.

Worst thing is I have both the small and large manual tire machines and have never tried either one. :o:O

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