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quote:Originally posted by superbman101

http://gardentractorpullingtips.com/index.htmHere is a good place for tips and parts for dirt. I prefer asphalt deadweight. Dirt pulls destroy bevel gear boxes on the simplicity's and allis' not to mention the Briggs engines just aren't made for high rpms

id="quote">Not true, you can do full pulls with stock Briggs at 2500 RPM and not destroy anything.Gearing, traction and torque can overcome speed anytime. Ask the guys around here with $10,000 Cubs that got beat by $250 Allis's :D:D:D

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Originally posted by rokon2813
id="quote">Briggs really do have the torque! Thats why I love my 16hp's sm06Like you said 2,500rpms not the 4,000+ some of those kohlers are running OOIs there anything on porting old Briggs intakes? Ive looked and no good write-up?

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You can send your camshaft to a cam grinding house like Reed Cams and they will weld it up and regrind it for you. You will need to talk to one of their tech specialists to determine what grind is best for your needs.

If you want performance parts for pulling engines, you can contact www.vogelmanufacturing.com. They develop performance parts, especially for Pro Stock and Open Class pulling tractors.

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I know a couple of guys that have put a lot of $ into the Briggs engines for tractor pulling, and it has been a poor payback. They do OK in pure stock, and we won many times in the pure stock class with a Briggs.

Your 314 should have a Kohler, and lots of stuff for them from the sites listed above. If you are thinking about pulling with the 314H; my advice is it is not a good idea. Put a 3-speed in that 314 and then you have something to go pulling with and competitive.

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We've been pulling with the 32 cube Briggs for a while now and do very well in the Hot Stock class. The 14 and 16 hp Briggs match up with the 14 hp Kohler at 32 cubes and will be very competitive against them both on and off of the governor. The problem is that the 16 and 18 hp Kohlers have 35 cubes. If your pulling club has an open rpm rule for 14 hp and below, the Briggs will hold it's own against any of them. The reward is winning in a class of 20 or more tractors with the only Briggs motor!

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