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AC 414 Trans Issues

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Hoping I can get some insights here for my Uncle's tractor.

He's got an AC 414 (hydro?) and it apparently moves in neutral, then locks up when he selects the gear.

What should we be checking first?

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guessing - it sounds more like a 'shuttle'. Hydro and shuttle both have a lever; but the shuttle lever is shorter, smaller.

I'm no expert on shuttle; but I hear that a good "setup" is everything. Download manual, do what it says - should fix it, or help you find what's broken, missing, or out of adjustment. (?)


of it's not the 'shuttle' part, then there's a gear trans problem. And that might be simple also; not sure.

more info?

AND the info I have says the

14hp is a 1972-73 Allis Chalmers "414S"

which is "S" = "Shuttle"

= MFR = 1600259 =

Download manual here:


see if that helps at all.

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Great info to start with thank you! Much appreciated on the education on the shuttle vs. hydro too. That makes sense now seeing as though you'd still need to put it "into gear."

I'll get the manual to him and we'll try some of the setup items and see what the outcome is.

Thanks in advance Mystik for the info.

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What "locks up"? Will the shift lever actually shift into all 4 gears or is the shift lever whats locking up? If the shifter is bound up then Bob's right on, you'll need to watch Zippos you-tube vid on the "bent screwdriver trick" . Its worked for me twice...let us know sm01

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quote:Originally posted by GLPointon

Good info Graham...I thought the hydro was only available on the 416 but not sure???

id="quote">Greg,It seems you are correct. and:AC410 = Gear or ShuttleAC414 = only with ShuttleAC416 = Hydro or Shuttle(and it's all different with the AC300-series). (no shuttles)I also thought of 'bent screwdriver' trick. but I was already over-extended dabbling in 'shuttle' tek.Besides, it was really late; and I knew others would come to the rescue. And you did. sm01

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There is that darn "bent screwdriver trick" again...Is that an urban legend? I am sitting with a AC310 that is stuck in gear. I have devoted an extended period of time to fishing around thru the fill access with the darn infamous "Bent Screwdriver" with no luck!:(!

I am tempted to just flip the tractor on its side and try a little more.

My other last ditch idea is to bring along the tractor in question with me to the up and coming BS session at Butler Inn scheduled a few weeks from now here in Wisconsin. I think I will just park my truck out front of the bar with the tractor in the back and give everyone 10 mins with a bent screwdriver. If and when the gears are freed, I will pay for a half barrel of beer for ALL of the members that are present!sm01sm01

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