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B10 with a kohler

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There's really no info in the ad except = tractor/price.

The first wh has attachs, and is priced accordingly - and he says it's Nice.

The other too, nothing. Basicly running parts tractors, condition not mentioned, generally unknown.

I see a nice shop w a toolchest. I sense something about fairness in the price. The pulley talk is a smokescreen/distraction.

But it's largely a buyer beware, and likely you get what you pay for.

I would view it as a parts tractor - a rather nice "looking" running parts tractor. And I would probably move on; but if you want a Bee to support another Bee, then it's a maybe.

Need to look at some details, with a view to originality. (????) Might find some wh parts in there.(?) Who knows?

- pretty vague, I know. 8) - just my impressions, and maybe worth 2 cents. if that.

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quote:Originally posted by Brettw

Looks like they got Hellen Keller drunk and gave her a buncha rattle cans.........:o)

id="quote">That is sooo wrong...:D

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Only thing I see wrong with the Kohler installation is the short straight pipe on the engine. If the pipe is really that short and there is not a muffler hidden behind the grill, then there is a danger of burning valves. A very short pipe does not produce the smooth sustained exhaust flow that is needed to pull the heat away from the valves.

The Kohler installation looks good. I have a 14 Hp Kohler on my 61 Wards (Simplicity 700). Great engine and great power.

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