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Got me an AC 616

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Haven't been on here in ages, my apologies. Had a friend from work call me on Friday looking to get rid of his AC 616, the big one or powermax equivalent. He wanted to part it out as it leaks oil from the transmission somewhere, and he can't figure it out. He's not internet savvy so he decided to sell it to me and I could do the dirtywork. Well, he brought it over yesterday morning. Runs good, could use a tuneup and I think I may have to go through the fuel pump, is there a rebuild kit for those somewhere? Original muffler is gone and I have a bunch of pipe connected together with a round cheapo muffler on it, so that will have to be addressed. Wiring is a mess, so that will have to be worked over as well. Sometimes you have to hold down the starter button and jiggle the wires and then it will crank over. Front pto clutch works, rear does not. Has pto and three point on back and it lifts/lowers just fine. Transmission works in all three ranges fine. Has ag tires on the back(like new) and triribs on the front(cracked). He did rob the rear fenders off of it for another project so I have to get a set of those but I think I have a line on a set. Anyways, my two major questions thusfar is what to do to figure out the rear pto. If it is electric, where do the wires go in the transmission. Also I am missing the dipstick for the transmission, just a pipe plug on it now. Also, the transmission leaks. I am gathering it is from the seals on the axle bull shafts(sorry, might be wrong terminology) as I crawled under it today and everything in front of the transmission is dry, and it seems to be coming from between the transmission and the framework on each side. Also, does anyone make a replacement wiring harness or do I have to build one from scratch. This thing is a mess, and alot of things are disconnected and patched together here and all over. All in all for what I paid for it, I think I got a steal and it is too nice to cannibalize for parts. I think it will get all fixed up and maybe I will find a snowblower and a cab for it and use it that way. We'll see. I have some pictures of it from when my friend was gonna sell it a year or two ago, but it did not come with the plow or electric lift that it has pictured.



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You might consider a electric fuel pump instead of rebuilding the old one they can leak gas into the crankcase. The pto clutch is in front of the rear axle under that hump at the front edge of the seat.

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