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i love my b10 a funny story.

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hey guys,i got a couple stories for you.

yesterday we had 4-6inches of snow and i was out plowing. one driveway is steap so i have to go drive up in 3rd gear and then turn around and plown down the drive. i get up the drive and i make my turn and all of a sudden i got no steering!!! ah!

uh oh what happened now!?? well the steering is moving freely and the tires aren't moving. hmm draglink moves fine, ahhh there it is the pitman arm attached to the wheel came off. those pesky set screws came loose on me! so i dig into my toolbox for my pliers, put things back on and tighten the screws again. back in action in less then 5 mins! i love my b10 and how easy it is to fix, and thank god for the toolbox i stocked this winter!

story 2

i was up in the garage working today, working on the 2210. well i leave the garage and when the allis is sitting outside and i leave for awhile i take the key out. well i know that its the only key i have and am careful of it, but i went down changed clothes ect ect.

came back up got ready to put thigns away for the day, lo and behold no key! back to the house look and look, then back to the garage and look and look. hmmm well maybe i can take off the kill wire and it will fire up, no go not so much as a spark to fire off drat!

ok. well i guess seeing as its only bout 20 feet to the door i can just turn it over in gear, so thats just what i do all the way to the garage and back in. got to love the big battery and the simplicity of these machines. never do that with a newer one i bet, though i think i could got a newer one to fire with the kill wire removed.

so there ya go my big adventures of the past two days. oh btw i found the key right where i suspected it to be, yup in the washer just as i thought after i went through all this. sometimes it pays to keep that in the toolbox.

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That B-10 should be able to handle any steap driveway plowing up or down. is the driveway paved ?. wheel weights ? , tire chains ?. these machines get better traction in a dirt driveway. once they bite in there is no stopping :D

I run loaded tires and 2-link chains with ice spikes in my dirt driveway. I never take the keys out of my tractors.

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ive got wheel weights,2 link chains,stinger, plow, my fat butt. its a concrete drive. it was just too slick out this time is all. i actually could get it with second gear but i really got there in third!

when you can't back up, one must go forward!

im used to it on this drive is fair steep, if it was grave. or something im sure it would of been differn't. i really should of used the walk behind blower because this driveway get all the snow from around the corner. but i didn't want to go back and get it, i was on the tractor and said to heck with it.

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had a funny mishap today with the B10. i was plowing and nearly done with my drive,when i get to my berm, go to back up and nothing!

ok hmm clutch won't move, thats strange... ok wiggle check pullies ect ect. shut down machine start looking, well everything else works fine just the pedal won't move at all.

hmmm looky looky looky, then i find it the brake had locked in the on postion and clutch down. now thats weird, you would think the brake lock would fall out rather then screw in, but im not complaining!

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