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weather forcast says a trace to no accumulation

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That's what they did to us! I pushed a foot yesterday, after a '1 to 3' prediction. They've been low by double, every 12 hour period since we started getting LES. Snow is taller than my Lab, on the back porch. 8)

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Originally posted by perry

we are getting some pretty good hit and miss snow squalls here. not much on the ground , but enough to mess the roads up. must be left overs josh is sending our way sm01


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quote:Originally posted by JimH

Dan, those forcasts always made me laugh. They were seldom right, especially near the lake where I am.

id="quote">LOL, to be accurate, they would have to forecast differently every couple miles along and away from the major lakes.Even people who live 15 miles away from the lake sometimes don't understand true Lake Effect Jim and I live about 45 minutes apart, he lives east of me, both within 2 miles or so of the Lake Ontario shoreline.He can have up to 3 feet of snow while I have green grass and sunshine, and vice versa. Between us there are a couple curves in the shoreline that can have dramatic effects, depending on the weather.My wife works about 10 miles south of the lake. She can and has left here with 6 inches of new snow on the road, get to work and have dry roads and sunshine.While I was plowing this mess, I talked to my brother, 15 miles west of me, about 5 miles from the shoreline, he had sunshine and no snow whatsoever.I have seen in the past, where you turn north off an east west road, and a half mile away you can see what looks like smoke from a fire or heavy fog.Once you drive to it, it is a wall or curtain of snow. You can actually see dry road 500 feet away from 2 inches of snow on the road.Aint Lake effect grand :D:D:D

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