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Simplicity Suit Case Weights (Done)

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I found these rather cheap this week on CL. Probably didn`t need them but always wanted a set.Simplicity never made a front hitch and brackets for the 900 & 7100 series tractors that I am aware of. So I made my own. They did for the Sovereign 18 and 918H. Those two tractors have a different front than the 900 & 7100 series. The rear carrier is NLA anymore as well. That is to be expected for a tractor that hasn`t been avaiable for 10 plus years now.These are heavy weights. They are 50# each. My 38" tiller is very heavy. Over 300 pounds. It makes the front very light and if you do not start out at a crawling speed the front end will come right off the ground. Some times even when tilling. I have room for another weight up front. My question is, would another be to much? I know it shouldn`t hurt the back since the NLA rear bracket was designed to hold four of them.Today I plan to start the rear weight carrier.









Done with the rear carrier. Now for some snow!

















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Ray, those look almost the same as we have on our Prestige (4) for blowing snow. Because I can't weld like you do I had to buy the bracket from the dealer. Very nice job of welding.dOd

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I only plan to use a 100 pounds on the front, but have more room if needed. The 38" tiller is very heavy at 350 pounds and hard to keep the front on the ground.

The rear carrier has room for 200" pounds like the front as well. More than likely wouldn`t use that much, but can if needed. I don`t think it will hurt anything since the 38" tiller out weighs the suitcase weights by 150 pounds and sticks out the back 1 - 1-1/2 feet further than the weight carrier and weights.

Weights won`t be on the tractor if not in use.

Should be fine I don`t slam the hydro lever back and forth anyways at top speed. I don`t like changing differentials. Not that difficult just isn`t fun either. Haven`t used a blade in 5 plus years and that is the worst on the keyways.

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Ray,Great fab work as usual.Ray,The stock Sovereign weight carrier will hold 5 50# weights:


If I cleaned up the welds in the center section, it might hold 6 50# weights. A 30" weight would definitely fit in the center section with the single 50# weight:


And I agree that even 250# isn't too much since the HD tiller weighs more and it's weight is held by the same rear "frame". And I wasn't aware that the stock sovereign front weight carrier won't fit the 7100 series. I guess there's a side mounting plate interference? I'll have to check it out this summer.



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Bill, the side plates are different. The frame section in front of the axle on the tractors with Commands and Triads are shorter and not as high as the 7100`s and the 900`s series without the Command & Triad. The holes are in different locations as well. Height & length wise it is around a 1-1/4" difference.They just made the weights hang lower. So the hood will open. I plan to make a couple side brackets so I can use it on the Sovereign 18. What I don`t understand is why they stopped making the front weight carrier for the Prestige since the tractor is still in production.



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Is everyone except me on this site a fabrication expert??? I am AMAZED (and a little jealous)at the things I see that are homemade on this site.Wish I had that kind of expertise:I

Those are very nice. Great job!

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I am no expert by far. Just love it. I have four semesters of school for welding and have been doing it for 25 to 26 years. Got alot of the needed tools and enjoy fab work and making my own stuff, and helping others out that don`t have the equipment to do so. Been doing machinist work for about 20 years but need to find me a lathe now I guess.

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It sure does help having the right tool for the job.

I wish I would have taken a few classes on welding and metal work instead of Auto mech in H.S. I did take a night course on welding at a local college but that was 20 years ago and have not done any welding since.It would be nice if I had a shop like a lot of you guys have instead of working on the ground in the driveway!:(!

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