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I would say it is kind of high. Because around here, their only about $3000. If you wanted it, i would offer no-more than $4000 especially considering it's not a completely perfect restored tractor. ANd it's not a 200 series hope this helps.

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Those Masseys are good and popular little tractors. Lots of them sold & used on midwest farms. Agree the $ seems a tad high. Looks to be knee deep in rubber; straight sheet metal indicates its not been abused. If the loader is straight & tractor is as straight as it appears it would command $4500-$5500 here.

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Just saw this prior to reading your post, for $6K. More value? Seems when you get around that $4-6000 mark, big tractors with real capability seem to overlap some of the smaller CUT ans SCUT stuff, making them look pretty pricey. I suppose it's all in what you can fit in your garage.


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Around here anything that looks like a tractor will bring $3000+. That tractor looks to be in pretty good condition, good rubber (new rear rubber $500 - $1000 each), and the loader looks nice. Might be a small Schwartz (now SMC) loader.

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That Massey is/should be a 30 HP and the 4000/4600 Fords are 55 and 51 HP. The wheelbase on the 4000/4600 is 84.5 inches while the MF is only 72 inches.

The MF weights 3210 while the 4600s are 5880 lbs.

The 3000 Ford is close to 50 hp and 500 lbs or so heavier than the MF 130 and even the 2000 Ford makes more hp (36 for the old style) though it is a couple hundred lbs lighter than the 130, the 2000 is almost 4 inches longer.


All that being said, MF makes a fine tractor IMO. And all else being equal, I'd take the 130 MF over the 2000 Ford, though the Fords are good machines as well.

Good luck

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