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HB212 Steering Wheel Removal

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Any suggestions on how to get the plastic steering wheel off an HB212 without busting the plastic?

The bushing is questionable and I would like to replace but am nervous about using a gear puller and breaking the plastic steering wheel.

Thanks for any advice.


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I use my 4-1/2" bearing separator (HFT) to remove my plastic wheel on the 4212. No damage.


That picture shows the separator, and I used the crossbar,etc from the HFT separator set. Any questions PM or email me.

BTW - the separator goes between the bushing and the wheel hub, the beveled surfaces separates these components, as the two pieces are tightened up to the shaft.


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Chris, what I do. I remove the center cap loosen the set screw then spray a little pb on it and let it sit a while. Then I get my air hammer as I pull up on it not much force and and hit the shaft with the hammer. And they have always came right off doing it this way. Only had to have had one hive me problems in the past I pulled up on it and my friend hit it hard with the air hammer. But it did come off. That one was really rusty. I have never broke any plastic yet. Knock on wood.

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There is no plastic sleeve under the 200 series like there is on the 100 series, so I just polish the shaft under the steering wheel with a strip of emery cloth, Soak surfaces & contact areas with pb blaster, loosen the set screws, then drive the steering wheel down towards the dash till its off the key. Remove the key, polish the rest of the shaft where the steering wheel was, then lift it off while turning it.

To drive the steering wheel down, I use a piece of pipe that just fits around the steering shaft and rests on the metal sleeve molded into the steering wheel, but that does not extend out onto the plastic part of the wheel.

You can also make a fitting for an air hammer to use on the pipe end rather than using a big hammer.

Works everytime for me.

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Do you air hammer the metal steering shaft or try to get up under and hit the bottom of the steering wheel?


I may try your technique if the air hammer doesn't work.


I am hesitant to use a bearing seperator at this time.

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