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Your opinion:Best mower blade

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Thinking of buying some new blades for my 48" mower on my 7119H, anyone ever try Gator Blades or any other aftermarket brands or should I just stick with the OEM 1656143. The blades are 16 11/16". Let me know what you think. Thanks in advance.

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I have gator blades on my 210 and I like them. I won't go back. My friends have them on their 425 JDs and they like them. What some guys do is they take one regular blade and put a gator on top of it. I don't know how the spindles hold up but it cuts nice.

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I use Gators but they discontinued production of them last year. None on ebay. Dealers may have old stock though. The gator number is 96-641 and they are showing up discontinued and in stock at some places, doing a google search.

My Rotary aftermarket book says they have been discontinued as well.sm02


These people have some evidently.


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Years back Gator made left hand discharge blades I have one set on my B10, I love them. I also have Gators on all my commercial mowers. I go through 3 or 4 sets a year. Super hard stay shape longer, well worth the money.

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I ran Meg-Mo blades on my Broadmoor II for about five years. Love 'em. They cost, but I think the benefits are worth it.

Never heard of Meg-Mo? They used to have a website.


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I prefer the Gators also for all the reasons stated above.

The part numbers I purchased (older part numbers than Ray's) were:

90-942 for 42" left discharge, flat blade decks with 3/4" center hole and the 2 smaller outer holes 3 1/16" apart. I use this blade on a 42" B-110 deck. You have to be sure the weld holding the bottom plate to the arbor shaft is smooth since the center hole (which isn't used) is smaller than the stock 1 3/8" center hole.

90-941 for 48" left discharge, flat blade decks with 3/4" center hole. It also has the the 2 smaller outer holes 3 1/16" apart.

90-892 for 48" left discharge gull wing blade with 1" center hole only.

I've also purchased #90-940 Gators for my 48" right discharge Homelite deck. The issue is the center hole is 3/4" not the required 7/8". Grinding the center hole larger is very difficult with the hard Gator blade steel.

The 42" 90-942 are available here:



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