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finally pics of the modified b1


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Some of you might remember a while back I mentioned that my uncle lost his storage and gifted me and my family much of his collection. I finally made it back to Indiana to take some pics. This particular B1 he bought new, so it was kinda hard for him to get rid of. I remember this one as the one that he built a hi-lo for. As a kid I remember it working much like the one on our D17. The high-lo that he built allowed you to push or pull a lever that he had modified from a deck lift arm which caused the belt to swap pulleys to go faster or slower. We used it on the fly. It has since been removed from the machine. Currently, it's got a single Kohler in it (it did have a briggs 18 V-twin in it before). he lengthened the frame, shifter, rods, etc to accomodate a larger 48 inch deck compared to the original bolt together smaller deck. He did have 15 inch Grand Marquis car rims on it for better gearing for mowing. Now it has 23x10.50s. Beside it there's an extra rear end (you can see a tire in the pic); he thought the original was not very good since they didn't use bearings where as the newer ones did. <-those are his words, not mine.I'm excited to try it out; I guess it runs pretty good. The deck looks pretty good, but has no spindles. There's that extra sheet of plate steel that he sent too. Is that factory or is that something he made to made the deck sturdier? There's also one of those huge kohler 18hp one-lungers too.Sorry for the quality of the pics, the borrowed camera wouldn't allow me to focus.



















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I'd love to know more about that hi-lo he built. Any chance for some pictures and a description?


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I looked and there aren't any pics of it. I'll talk to him the next holiday that I see him since he doesn't have email or internet. I don't know if he shipped us any of the parts in the boxes of stuff he dropped off or if they were sold or scrapped.

quote:Originally posted by B110guy

I'd love to know more about that hi-lo he built. Any chance for some pictures and a description?B110guy

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