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Ranch King


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I know its not a Simplicity or AC, but its another project I have been working on with my son.We came across 2 Ranch kings, and combined them into one working tractor. Well, it wasnt much fun, so we started hacking away. We raised it 4". Stretched the frame 18". Installed a straight axle up front. Removed everything that was not necessary. Some other stuff too, but we are not done yet! We still have to make it steer, and add some pulleys. We are going to use encased cable to switch the gears on the axles, and of course we are doing some pulley swaps. The brakes are separate from the clutch now, and both axles will run from the one clutch. And this tractor has not tried to eat my finger....yet.


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Good family fun learning how to work with machines. Hope it works out, and if it doesn't I'm glad it wasn't a SimpletrACtor. Good progress so far.

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Cool Project! 8D

That's a great father son project that I wish my father would have done with me. We all are looking forward to pics of the finished project regardless if its orange or not. Best of luck.

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