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Pineapple Express blew through ....

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They're calling it the Pineapple Express because allegedly this storm came from Hawaii... On Saturday I was walking around outside in a t-shirt but by 7AM Sunday morning, I couldn't see across the driveway.. I was prepared though.. The timing box on my CCKB came loose so the timing was all mucked up... I think I got it roughly back in place (but I don't have a timing light)... So I waited a few hours for the snow to let up but by 11:30, it was still depositing all kinds of snow on us and I had to go back home soon... So I pulled the 720 out, turned on the blower and spent a glorious 1.5hrs of seat time throwing snow every which way... The timing is still off a bit; when loaded up with particularly a lot of snow, the engine sputters and can't seem to recover, so I have to stop, wait for the chute to empty out, then back down the throttle to near idle and then slowly work it back up to normal operating speed and go more gently... I'm not sure whether that means it's advanced or retarded.. Or maybe it's just me that's retarded...

Anyway, I've been looking forward to a good blanket of snow and finally got it...

I didn't get a picture because it'd be all fuzzy white...

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