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HB212 Progress Report w/Pics

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Well the past week or so and in between snow storms I've been tweaking the HB212.

1. Swapped out Hyrdolifts

2. Swapped out Rockershafts

3. Added "hydraulic lift decals"

4. Swapped out Air Cleaner Covers

5. Changed the oil, I swear there was chocolate milk in that engine.

6. Removed stack muffler and put on Nelson Can Muffler

7. Installed a new throttle cable

8. Added period correct hood bolts

9. Added front counter weight

10. New Hydrolift belt

11. Added light brackets

Still on the to do list:

A. change hydro fluids

B. clean and polish chrome on the grill and sides

C. add mower deck pto

D. run new fuel line and filter

E. Give her a bath!




This is the first Hydro I have had and I must say I like it. We'll see how it handles the mini manure spreader.

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