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fixing the 2010 - trans swap

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the wet snow did me in last week and i busted the axle tube on the 2010. I took the old trans out and put in a trans from a 3012V. the swap went good and glad i did not have to pull the cab off.




broken tube




rearview mirror i installed last year. its a old vintage mirror i pulled out of a 68 gilson snow cab. dont like when a car sneaks up behind me in my long driveway.




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before putting the rear tires back on i decided to weigh them. they are 100lbs a piece :o . knew they felt pretty darn heavy.

add the stinger weight and my 220lb butt and that is way too much weight in my opinion. i'm sure that was a big contributor to the axle tube failure.

I drained some fluid out and got the tires down to 50lbs each. that should be better and allow some tire slippage. figure adding a factory 22lb weight makes the tire around 50lbs, so i should be back to my original setup i use to run before the liquid filled tires i added this year.


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Good idea...I like the bite weight gives, but I try to go easy. My plow tractor gets 2 pair of wheel weights and a stinger/doughnut. Before we lived with a sloped drive, I only used chains. I go a bit heavier for the blower and loader machines, since I use those out back and the hill coming in from the woodlot can make for a light rearend with a loaded bucket or the blower up in the air.

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That IS alot of weight Perry...Thats what I have in my loader tractor. 2 filled tires, 2 weights & 100 rear weight...

Nice swap job!! Isn't it great having extra parts around for when this sorta thing happens. dOd The mirror IS a good idea, its hard to turn my head with winter gear on too crk8

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