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what does a 540 pto do for attachments

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My first job was on a dairy farm at 11 yrs old. I will try to answer this from my limited farm experience.

It actually IS an attachment for these smaller tractors. A 540 PTO (power take off) is the standard size PTO shaft on farm tractors. It runs the equipment pulled by the tractor and also many types of equipment that are stationary. Some that come to mind are , hay elevators, conveyors, pumps, generators, log splitters, ect. The farm tractor would be backed in close to the machine to be powered and then linked together with a shaft to transfer the power.

I think the attachment you are looking at would convert the engine power of your small tractor into a PTO shaft to run that sized equipment. The thing to remember is, Your 16 hp tractor may not put out enough power to run most of the stationary equipment, as it was designed with the bigger farm tractors in mind. Hope this helps, Ken

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I suppose one of these would also be a good way to hook your GT up to a dyno to see what kind of power you're really making.

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Most garden tractors would have a hard time even turning a Dyno.

On PTO speeds basically 2000 RPM and sometimes 3250 RPM are for the larger garden tractors that run off a shaft like the Simplicity Power

Max series(2000RPM). 540 RPM is mostly for compacts and farm tractors under 100HP and 1000RPM PTO is usally on 100+HP tractors there have been tractors built with 2 or more PTO speeds.JD 1010 had 540 and 1000,

a Yanmar I owned had 540,770 and 1000.Many David Brown tractors had

540 and something like 750RPM PTO.I have a David Brown 770 and like the 750 RPM to be able to run something like a 540RPM generator but not have to run the throttle wide open all the time.

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quote:Originally posted by AC712H

I found one for sale but I do not know what they are for. Help please

id="quote">If the price is right i would buy it. can always resale and help fund another project

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Depends on the dyno - there are many for the compact tractors/antiques out there that go down to 10hp. This dyno isn't certified anymore, but is very consistent compared to any factory ratings with compact tractors.


The 540 PTO was very helpful with tuning in the fresh engine. Frame was from a junker, the BGB and trans had already been gone through - just needed a place to bolt the engine to. It would hold a steady 21hp. Briggs 16hp in a 7016.


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