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Same photos, different ads.

When I saw the ad for the cheaper, and closer snowblower, I asked the seller about the missing rods for the pto, lift and chute rotator, then I checked my watched items, and found it's twin.

I'm posting here, MTF, and in the Simplicity/Allis group on FB, and sending the ad to the real seller.

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The guy from Michigan loaded the most photos.

I asked the guy from Wisconsin to take photos of the lift, pto, and chute rotator rods and to have them in the SAME frame as the blower.

We'll see what happens.

I also sent the guy from Michigan a link to the possible scammer's ad.

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http://madison.craigslist.org/grd/3660991803.htmlFunny, the CL ad has the same, "stolen" photos in it as well.These guys don't know each other.I'm actually in contact with both individuals. The guy from Columbus sent me pics of the REAL blower.

Photo 2.jpg

Photo 1.jpg

Photo 3.jpg

Photo 4.jpg

Now I briefly checked ebay, and CL to see if these photos were in a different ad, aka, "not stolen", I could not find them.





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I have seen this before where someone dont have a way to load photos or are too lazy and will borrow a random pic they find on the net. and sometimes the ad will say mine is LIKE the one in the pics.

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We all know that with Ebay and purchasing stuff on the internet it is strictly buyer beware.

This is why I put quotation marks around the word "Stolen"

The photos were used without permission from the real owner.

Years ago, on Ebay, there were phishing scams that involved using someone elses photos.

Noone should be that desparate to get an ad up, especially on more than one site and have to copy photos from different ads, 'specially without permission.

I can't even be sure that the extra photos he posted are of the actual item for sale.

I'm strictly doing this for awareness purposes.

Oh, and it is difficult to see if the lift rod is with the blower. I asked the seller to have photos of it and he said he had everything.

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yes i believe it is wrong to do . and would want to see the actual item i am buying. i have seen some of my pics being used on my local craigslist ad's. they should pull a stock brochure picture of the net not someone else's

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