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k301 oil level question

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I had to replace the K301 on my AC712. I got a deal on a mini-block, but it's the "other" style that doesn't have the flanges on the bottom for the oil pan. I purchased an oil pan made for this style block, and had a conversion plate machined so it will bolt directly onto my frame, and be properly aligned. However, I also had to purchase a new dipstick for this block (actually ended up buying 2), and the oil level has me concerned.

With my old block, when the dipstick is fully inserted the FULL line is approx. 1/4" BELOW the bottom of the block (inside the oil pan). With the new dipsticks the LOW level is flush with the bottom of the block ... meaning that if full, the oil will sit above the oil pan gasket. I've spoken with a mechanic friend who tells me, this is probably incorrect. He said usually all the oil is contained within the pan (at resting levels).

I sent Kohler an email about this weeks ago, and haven't heard a response. I'd greatly appreciate any feedback.


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I believe that's how its supposed to be. The oil will sit higher in the crankcase since the pan is shorter. I think these engines hold about a 1/2 quart less oil than the flange base engines.

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I have a couple of those engines in my spares collection. Would you like for me to measure one of the dipsticks for you? I can get that done tomorrow. If I get back from church play practice early enough, I may get the measurement tonight.

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Yes, I believe I did read somewhere that these hold a little less oil than the flange ones ... however, I wasn't sure if that would compensate for the difference in volume between the 2 pans. I didn't actually calculate the volume of either pan. I suppose I could, but I figured someone on here would find this an easy question to answer ... perhaps not.


That would certainly be a help. What would be the most useful would be to know where the "full" or "add" line is relative to the bottom of the block (or the top of the pan, since they are the same). I know each of these blocks used a couple different dipsticks, so it would depend on which you have as to what the length means. Thanks for any help though!


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Your original measurements were correct. When I measured my engines, it looks like when the oil is at the full mark it will be approximately 1/4 inch above the top of the oil pan on the Cub Cadet and Case engines that I have.

When I measured the flat bottom engines the full position will be approximately 1/8 below the top of the oil pan.

I measured those positions by measuring from the top of the dipstick tube to the full mark and then transferring that measurement to the engine block. I checked this on more than one engine with the same results regardless of type of dipstick tube it had.

After that I measured from the bottom of the points cover to the mating surface on the two different types of engine and got about 3/8 inch difference in that measurement also.

I was doing this with good clothing on and didn't want to get really dirty, so the measurements are approximate and not precision, but good enough to verify the fact that the seam is about 3/8 inch higher on the block of the engines that do not have the flat bottom mount oil pan.

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