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Quick Triad Engine Question

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I was surfing the 'net and still see some Triad engines available. Were these engines ever updated/revisied/modified by Kohler such that new ones are reliable? They are still listed on the Kohler web site too.

Just curious.



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I would approach them with caution. I think Al, stated at one time they did something to keep the cylinder liners from falling into the crankshaft but by then it was to late and the reputation damage was already done. Been awhile since I read that or if it was even Al, that stated it. Pretty sure it was though. He would have had first hand knowledge about that being a dealer and his seemingly endless knowledge and know how.

Kohler keeps the manuals on their site. I believe most of the parts are NLA. Could check the part numbers and verify on Jack`s website on parts availability.

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