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I'm now up to 3 Broadmoors to make one working mower to cut my grass this year. I have 2 identical decks (MFG# 990422) that both have just an open hole for a discharge chute. There are 2 small, square holes that look like mounting points for a proper chute. Is something missing?


One of the axles appears to be a hub sleeve slid over the axle proper with a bolt through the holes. The sleeve/hub is torn at the bolt(though this picture is near worthless for showing anything). Anyone have a replacement 3-bolt rim pattern hub. See my "Parts wanted" ad.


One transaxle has a second shift lever. Is this a "creeper" and how does it work?


As always, so many questions, so little time. Thank you all so much for your collective knowledge and wisedom. Dave




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Dave; don't know about a chute on your deck but it will cut just fine without one. In the second pic, remove the hub and weld a washer on each side in line with original holes and reinstall with a slightly longer bolt. Third pic is a high low planetary gearset. Sitting on the seat, right hand lever works the high/low. May be shifted with engine running or stopped but not with tractor moving. Doubles number of trans speeds. Hope that helps....Dave

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