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FEL tire question

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Depends!In soft ground, the narrow tires will sink in with a heavy FEL bucket and make steering difficult. On hard ground, narrow front tires are an advantage for steering. The best of both worlds is wide front tires with power steering.These are load range E boat trailer tires, very hard to steer without power steering when under a heavy load.


What size rims does your loader tractor have?John U


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John is spot on...I have both, and find myself using the FEL on/around the pavement moving stuff, rather than out back in the soft soil. When I am out back, it's just to move or push around relatively light stuff like limbs, brush, landscape junk, etc.

My wide tires are tough to turn on the hardpack or pavement, and the 4" triribs on my other loader machine are much, much easier on my arms and the steering gears. On the other hand, if I have a bucket full of stone or soil and need to maneuver on soft ground, the triribs may not turn at all. I've decided to run narrow fronts, and set the fatty's aside for the oddball workload that may come up, out back in the woodlot or up at deercamp. I don't need the wide tires around the house and fronts are extremely easy to swap out.

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I use wides on the front of my loader. Much better for carrying heavy loads on soft ground. And I try to steer while in motion if I have a bucket load so its easy to turn. But like John & Josh said, if I was on pavement mostly then I'd use narrows... sm01

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Marty, when I had my loader, I went with 5.30 by 8 heavy duty trailer tires to get in between the narrow and wide.

I can't remember the air pressure, but it was 50 60 or 80, so they didn't squat with a lot of weight. They worked much better than the original 4.80 by 8's I started with.

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