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Help with my new powermax

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About i week ago i picked up another 9020 that had been sitting for about 5 years. I was told that it had carb issues but the guy said thats what his dad had told him and he didnt have a clue. saturday after getting the carb rebuilt, cleaning out the starter, and putting an electic fuel pump on it fired right up much to my suprize, i couldnt have been happier. Now my question is the pto shaft in the transmission is snapped clean off right by the bearing on the front of the rear end. Luckly i have one that i can take out of my 4040 with the 20 hp kolher that i restored last year. But im wondering how does that shaft come out do you have to knock the bearing out in front of the rear end or is there something else im missing? I was also wondering and i know this should be in parts wanted add but this tractor was missing everying from the rear ende forward witch i also have execpt the colar that bolts to the pully on the back of the motor anyone have one they would part with? my biggest concerne right now is how to get that shaft out and is there anything else that i should do to a tractor thats been sitting for 5 years other then change all the oils thats for the help phil

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