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Powermax Clutch Vibration

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Never had this happen before on any of my powermaxes. Clutch spring is adjusted properly and fairly new matched set of belts. Clutch pedal vibrates when released. I even replaced the bearings in the clutch arm last year and drilled and tapped the arm for a grease zerk. No avail. Anyone else have this problem?

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Yes. I had a heck of a time getting the belt tension correct and the travel distance on the clutch just right after I replaced the belts. I backed the tension on the belts off just a hair and that seemed to have taken care of it for me.

I know what the manual says about belt tension, spring length, blah blah, blah. But I also think the tractor reads the manual at night and comes up with ways to mess with me just for fun of it. Its that or she is possessed and in "lee with Lucifer".

Either way the manual says one thing and the tractor says/does something else. sm00

John would be able to address this issue.

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Great to hear from you Paul.

I would try to adjust less lash into the petal and see it that makes any difference. It could be that those belts are stiff and have some memory from being boxed. They may need more spring tension against them until they relax.

Do you feel anything vibrating as you push it? If you do I would lean towards bad bearings or a loose pivot.


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Nice to see your post here. It has been a while since we have heard from you.

I have not experienced the clutch vibration you speak of.

Do you have a about an inch of free travel in the clutch pedal?

Did you put a grease zerk in the clutch pivot? I did have one that would hang up due to rust on the pivot shaft.

Sorry, I don't have any specific advise. Maybe Levi or JP will have some ideas for you.

John U

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I tightened the spring some and twisted off the clutch yoke bolt. I made a new one by drilling and tapping a set collar and using some threaded rod. Can't get that part any more. It's lasted a couple summers so I'm lucky so far.

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My 616 had a squeal, growl and light pulsing with the clutch engaged the squeal and growl went away with light pressure on the clutch. The problem turned out to be the 1972 vintage belts. The tractor had been in long term storage the belts look good but we're just hardened from age.

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