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OHC Triad w 1200 hrs - Al Eden told me how!!

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Sorry in advance for this lengthy post - but it is meant as a tribute to the mechanical genius of Al Eden.In 2001 when I learned there would never be anymore new Sovereigns from Simplicity, and even though I could not afford it, I went right out and bought one of the last ones. I had sworn to myself that someday I would own a new Sovereign, and this was my last chance.Thanks to this website, and much to my horror - I began reading about all the problems with the Kohler OHC Triad Engine. I must have read every single post about the engine problems. One contributor that really caught my eye was Al Eden and his detailed posts about the Triad OHC problems. I sent Al a private message through this website and he actually called me about 30 minutes later! Al reassured me that the Triad was a very good engine with one design flaw that is easily fixed. Al was a big fan of the Triad OHC and really hated to see Kohler give up on it. Al said the engine had the highest power to weight ratio of anything Kohler had ever produced, the single casting including cylinder heads was revolutionary, and it was a less expensive engine to produce than the Command. Al said, believe it or not, Kohler's initial thinking was the Triad would be so revolutionary that it would replace the Command Series!!! These are the words of Al Eden, I am not trying to start a debate over the merits or problems of Kohler or the OHC Triad. Again this post is a tribute to Mr. Eden.Here is what Al Eden told me to do for the longevity of this engine:1. The design flaw is the plastic valve covers flex and leak oil on the cooling fins, which gather trash - reducing engine cooling - causing overheating and the piston to seize in the bore. The valve cover mounted fuel pump is a big cause of the flexing and leaking and 90% of the failures are on the right cylinder. The leaking oil and trash buildup are not visible beneath the engine shrouds - until it is too late. Al's advice #1: Remove both valve covers, remove the fuel pump from the right hand cover and replace it with a block-off plate and RTV sealant. Buy new valve cover seals and also use RTV sealant in addition to the rubber seals.

OHC block-off.JPG

Al's advice #2: Buy a FACET in-line electric fuel pump with only 2 psi output. The pump is not much bigger than a box of matches and mounts in the space directly beneath the fuel tank.Al's advice #3: Remove the amp/charging gauge from the dash and replace it with a OIL TEMPERATURE gauge:

Oil temp gauge.JPG

Oil Temp close-up.JPG

This particular gauge can be set to alarm at a temperature you select. I selected 220 degrees. The Oil Temperature sending unit simply screws in near the oil filter where a fitting is already present for a pressure sensor.

Oil temp sending unit.JPG

And the verdict is: 13 years of operation, just over 1200 hours of use, and the valve covers have not leaked one drop of oil! I guess I could have gotten by without the oil temperature gauge - but it gives me great peace of mind when operating under heavy loads. Al said it was convenient to know the battery was charging, but vital to know the engine oil temperature!I am really going to miss Al Eden.





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Thanks for that very interesting, I don't have a triad but it makes me think I might have a oil temperature gauge, especially with an alarm,

, it tells you so much about what's going on within an engine, and the condition of the oil too

I never met Al or had any direct dealings with him, but it seems some very special person and a great loss to all of us. Maybe we all should try to remember those pearls of wisdom that he gave us and put them back into the forum lest they be lost

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