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ibought a 917 deutz allis yesterday it started fine this morning went to start it later and all i got is click. put my hand on the solinoid and it felt like it was clicking could that be the problem and are there different styles. i wish there was a class i could take for trouble shooting electrial. forgot it to say it has a 18 hp kohler magnum in it.



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A solenoid simply means you are closing contacts to your starter from your ignition switch. If you hear the clicking, contacts are closing. I would check battery voltage, and make sure your connections are tight on battery terminals and solenoid. Lastly check starter, could be open. Thats my two cents.

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Ronald Hribar

check oil level, if it is high you have gas in oil

could even have cylinders full, pull sparkplugs to see if it will turn over.

if this is problem change oil could damage bearings

and put a fuel shut off on gas line and use it every timee you get off tractor

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This may require an "Al Eden" kit. The kit is an automotive style 12 VDC relay wired to provide a 12 VDC source with enough current capability to actuate the solenoid reliably on these tractors. This especially a problem with the automotive style solenoids on the Command engines. With age, weathering, etc, the path from battery through key switch to the solenoid that engages the starter on the engine may not supply enough current to actuate the solenoid when the key is turned to the 'start" position. The relays (and connectors) are readily available on eBay and relatively inexpensive. I bought a pile of them and generally install one on every tractor I use regularly.

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quote:Originally posted by Mike

very nice Ray, my wife hates the orange tractors and constantly tells me to get a green one, well thats my plan

id="quote">:(! Hates the orange tractors...Man those are fighting words!C

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Magnum engines have inertia starters. You should be able run a jumper wire (4 ga) from the positive battery post to starter stud. Momentarily touching stud will tell you if starter turns. If it does, you have a bad relay or dirty or loose connections, my guess the latter.

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A few years ago, i had a similar problem with my Simplicity 5216 and it could be a few possible things,

1) Your battery cables may be loose

2) Your battery may be dead/weak

3) You may just need a new solenoid

Hope this helps,


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