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Calling all Tillers


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I'm looking to for Simplicity tiller owners in the New Haven area of Connecticut to help a small local farm.


The local farm is breaking new ground this summer and needs tilling help.

Last summer I helped till their smallish garden about 100x60. This summer they're growing to more than twice that size. They're just starting out and low on funds. I've offered again to help break the ground and till.

This would be a great opportunity for those who've got the equipment and love to use it but don't have a large practical use at home. (like me!)

If you're interested in helping a local farm and putting your equipment to a practical use, please respond.



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I wish it were closer to me, I do not garden but till several gardens just because sm01 I like to. One of them is a 5 hour job with the 620

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Just letting you know there is another member in the New Haven area. I have no tiller attachment but if you can find one for a Broadmoor 728 I'd be thrilled to help!:D Dave

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