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Hello every one

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Hello every one, My name Is Daniel. I am a manager of an oreilly auto parts in holton,ks. I could not find a introduce your self thread if this is the wrong place I appologize.

I was given a simplicity 5216h last year for free. It was not running due to one of the heads spark plug hole being stripped out. I finally got around to messing with it last week. I was going to helicoil the head but the cost for all that was around 60 dollars for everything I needed. I ending up looking on ebay for a new head and picked one up for 13 dollars shipped :)

I pulled both heads off and cleaned up all the carbon, pulled the carb off to check it out and it was pretty nasty, fuel had gelled and hardened. ruined some gasket doing that, Luckily I was able to get a carb kit and head gaskets through my work which I was suprised!

I put it all back together yesterday crossed my fingers and it would not crank with the ignition, I jumped across the solenoid and it fired right up! after further inspection a wire was not connected and I connected that and now the ignition works.

Still have a few things to do to the mower, belts are in bad shape and I would like to repaint it.

Im pretty happy with the mower and look forward to being on this forum.

my engine #'s are 402707 0145 01 and mower #'s are 86031412 1690881

I have part #'s I can share with people if that will help anybody locate some parts.

I do have a few questions regarding the hydrostat and gear box fluids. From what Ive found powerfluid 821 is what should be put in it. It looks though that there is dexron in the hydrostat. I would like to change it but cant find any write ups on this topic. should I put the powerfluid 821 or equivelant in or put dexron back in it?

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Hi and welcome. Glad to hear to have it running well. I'm sure you'll enjoy it when you have all the bugs out. You should be able to access the manuals through this site and find out what you need to know. I don't have the references handy, but if no one answers sooner, I'll try to find them tomorrow. It's just about midnight here and I was just checking the site before going to bed.

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Hi Dan!

Welcome to the site!

All of us on this site LOVE pics of others tractor projects so please be sure to share some with us.

Sounds like you are off to a good start with this funny old game of working on old tin. Please feel free to share any and all knowledge you may have and remember that NO question is to dumb to ask.

Again, welcome.


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Welcome Daniel, you will find very good infomation and even better people on this forum. I am currently looking for a filter for my vickers hydro and plan to put Dexron back in it when I locate my filter.


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Welcome to the forum. I'm giving you a link to the manuals but when I tried it just before posting this it said it was off site for a while. Put this number in the box and you will have a manual when the site is working again. 1690881

If the link has been changed I don't know about it but others will help you get there if that is the case. larry


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Thanks for the help but unless I'm missing it none of those manuals talk about changing the hydro-stat fluid, I was doing some more work today and cleaned the diff and hydro stat off, pulled the plug to check the diff fluid couldn't quite get my finger in there put a small screw driver in there and pulled it out and it was dry, figured it must be low...pulled the drain plug and....nothing came out!

noticed a big star or hex screw on the hydro-stat underneath i'm guessing that must be the drain for the hydro-stat, i'm just wondering if there is a vent as well on it to aid in pouring fluid in to keep air out of the system.

here are some part #'s The air filter and belt #'s should be able to be used at any parts store O'reilly's, Napa , Car quest etc... O'reilly's carries the prime line products not sure about the other parts stores. There is a bunch more parts available for this engine valves, piston kits, full gasket set etc...They have a website you can go to http:\\www.primelinepe.com 402700 series is what you would look for.

all the engine parts are made by prime line

Coil - 7-01644

Fuel pump kit - 7-02104

Carb kit - 7-02044

Head gasket cylinder #1 - 7-02429

Head gasket cylinder #2 - 7-02430

Air filter by wix - 46176

Pre filter - 7-02282

Drive belt engine to trans by Gates - 6523BR

Drive belt mower 42" Gates - 6481BR

Drive Belt mower 36" Gates - A67

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here are some pics, I had to make them smaller than 640x480 to get them around 100kb ended up being 400x300 hopefully they are not to small. I could put them on photobucket or something if you want bigger pictures.













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I have a hydro in my AC716H that is a Sunstrand. It has a vent that you need to open when draining or filling the tranny. I have never worked on the 5000 series tractors, so I know nothing about the tranny in your tractor. All of my tractors are large-frame tractors with horizontal shaft engines in them. Wish I could be more help. Surely somebody on here has one of those tractors and should be able to help you.

When I resize pictures to post, I use IrfanView. It is a free download. Somehow it lowers the size of the pictures without making them so small. I just set the picture to 640x480 and usually it works. Sometimes it won't and I will then change to only 16 colors which will make the size much smaller. ith Irfanview the pictures still look pretty good even at only 16 colors. When I tried using Photoshop, I was getting pictures the size of postage stamps.

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