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What type of oil do you use for your vickers hydro, in the vickers manual it says sae 10w30 and the simplicity manual it says dexron automatic transmission oil. What is the best?

And can enyone tell me about the main refeif valve, and the soft ride valve. What do they do?


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Thomas, I am going to use Dexron in my Vickers. You'll need someone here with a bit knowhow to help you with those other questions.


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I was getting ready to change the fluids in and consulted another member and he recommended Valvoline Dex/Mer available at NAPA.

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As Chris formentioned, newer generation auto-trans fluids have bridged the "gap" with the Dexron-Mercon compatibility. Since there are no "wet" clutches in these hydrostatic units probably any ATF version would work fine. The clutch pack design from each automotive mfg required historically a unique type of fluid, (hence why there have been so many types for different mfg's transmissions).

Tom (PK)

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