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Trouble Starting


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So I pulled my Regent out of the shed for the first time today since the end of November. Needless to say I had an issue.I changed the spark plugs, filter, and oil. Then I hooked up the battery, it was sitting on my work bench since November. When I turned the key, nothing, not even a click. So I brought the battery down to Advanced Auto, they tested it then recharged it. After the charge it tested good on their meter.Unfortunately, that didn't fix the problem.

Here's what I'm observing:1. When I sit on the seat, the hour meter goes out. When I get up, it comes back on.2. I unhooked the safety under the seat, that helped keep the hour meter on, however, when I press the brake pedal before I turn the key, the hour meter goes out again, and of course I can't start the tractor. It doesn't even make a sound.

So, I think there must be something going on with the brake pedal and the electrical system. I am absolutely a novice when it comes to working on the electrical system. Any help would be appreciated, and the more you talk like I don't know what I'm doing, the better.

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How old of machine is it? Do you have a product number. Does it have and electric PTO? Machines with electric PTO will not do anything. if PTO switch is left on.

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You have most probably a high resistance ground or power feed problem in the wiring. You need to do pin-point voltage drop tests via a DVM on the ground wire frame/engine connections and the B + side of things. Usually you'll find a corroded terminal, partially broken wire, or loose connection.

Here's a generic video for voltage drop testing:

Let us know what you find....

Tom (PK)

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