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Early B-10 Restoration

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Hey all, finally getting time to do a write up on my B-10 Restoration from late summer/fall of 2011. Will try to keep it short.Got the tractor in March of 2011, from a friend at work. Engine was not original, an 8 hp briggs. Was rough, but all there otherwise. Had a complete tiller drive on it, which i needed.


Traded the 8 hp for a 10 hp from a big ten. Tore the engine down, cleaned it, honed the cylinder and put new rings in, as the ones in it were at end of tolerance. Got it running good before i started the restoration.Did all the work myself btw, sandblasted everything with my harbor freight pressure pot.Put new bronze bearings in for the steering spindles, and added the thrust washers and bearings, which work great. Put in new driveshaft couplers, as one was cracked in half.Also tore down the trans and bgb, cleaned them out and put new seals in. Also tore down the differential and cleaned it out.Matched the paint to the plate that attaches the bgb to the trans. I learned to mix paint at the hardware store i work at (i work in the mower shop), so was able to mix the paint myself, which was pretty cool. Match turned out pretty good i think, if it had a little "cream" to it it would be very close to original i think.Also got new tires. Used Navajo white for the rims and dash, which turned out very nice.Think i covered everything, lol.I use this tractor for multiple attachments, tiller, dozer blade, and 10" moldboard plow. Works great.I have a couple assembly pics below, as well as the finished product.I can add more pics if wanted.I added a Hi-Lo to it last year, which is great for tilling.Thanks and Enjoy!





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WOW...Thanks for saving this tractor...You did one H@## of a job. I am very impressed! You should be very poud of your work! Thanks for sharing!dOd

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Thanks guys!

The grille screen was given to me by a fellow who restored a bunch of b- series tractors. It is just mesh screen that looks similar to original. The emblem i got off ebay. :)

I got the seat from Wells Implement. The arm rest brackets were reused, chrome was peeling off, sandblasted, primed and painted them chrome.

Look pretty good, but not as good as real chrome of course!:D

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Very nice job Wes dOd

I like the early B10's alot...The front tri-ribs look great w/the ags. Nice job on the seat too, looks like some seat frame was missing? I saw a rear pto in the before pic too...Nice tractor sm01

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