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Turbo-Vac extra load on PTO Belt


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This question is about the mower-deck-driven Turbo-Vac attachment to a 48 inch deck on a 1999 Allis 918H. I use all Simplicity belts, and everything is in proper adjustment.

The Turbo-Vac seems to put a lot of extra load on the PTO belt, and the PTO belts are not lasting as long. I just mowed my 1/3 acre front yard using the Turbo-Vac and the PTO belt was so hot you could not touch it. Then I immediately took off the Turbo-Vac and mowed the 3/4 acre rear yard and I could wrap my hand around the belt and leave it - the belt was much cooler. This heat and load cannot be good for the belt.

My question is, has anyone tried a 5/8" or "B" width PTO belt? If so what length and which PTO pulley did you use? The mower pulley seems large enough to accept a 5/8 belt.

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I have almost an identical setup to what you have. While I haven't noticed (or really checked) any belt heating issues with the turbo vac attached.

My belts seem to last reasonably long. My last belt (Autozone cheapie) lasted 6 years mowing an acre with the turbo vac being used 6-10 times a year.

I'd check to see you have proper tension on the PTO belt and make sure your turbo vac spins freely.

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