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Help Iding tractor

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going to pick up a 16 HP what I believe is a Soverign. 16hp Briggs, what looks like a Sunstrand? Guy could not find a model no.

$175, actually delivered with a Bolens 3 way trip plow, runs, just need to clear out his yard.

I'll try & post some pics. I am a Homelite guy, where is the model no on this machine so he can look at it and call me?

Link to photos:



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It's basically the Simplicity version of your A/C built Homelite, and I agree it's a 3400 series.

I also think it's an early version, maybe even a 3410 based on the rear tractor pic of the Vickers; it's the early Vickers based on the freewheel placard. I don't think it's a 3416 because everyone of those I've seen have the newer Vickers.

Major mechanical differences between it and your Homelite is the Simplicity cone clutch vs Homelite front electric clutch

I think your T-12 is a manual lift, so they are both equal in that regard.

I'd keep the Homelite and transplant the engine. Keep the BGB and Vickers as spares and the Homelite will be good to go for many more years.

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how do I confirm it's a 16, vs 12/10? he didn't see any markings on the engine. I know people can change tin & believe the ser/part no is on the bottom side of shroud.

My real reason for going for this is a 16HP, I have an extra complete Vickers BGB & Hydro rear as backup; although as a runner the $ isn't bad.

I put an electric lift on my T12. I'm going to make the best of both machines; not sure if I can keep both as much as I'd like a blowing and plow set up.

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I believe the only major difference between a 3400 series and 7000 series is the Sundstrand hydro tranny vs the Vickers. I think the frame is the same. On a 3416 the ID tag is at the end of the frame where the BGB bolts. It can be seen at the left in this pic:


It's also in the same place on a 3410:




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As to tell the HP of a Briggs, look for a 32xxxx series number on the tin. Usually on the top of the blower housing; the area circled in white in this pic:


The stamping looks like this:


Also look for "humped" cooling fins near the spark plug:


My understanding is only 16HP engines have the hump fins. Hopefully others can confirm.




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Quick and dirty Briggs engine Id.Not perfect but will get you close to what your looking at most of the time. ;);)This is from my experience, and may not hold true to every model, since I have not seen every possible model.9 hp model 23D will have a cone shaped bearing plate on the pto side.I think the model 19's are this way too. They will also have the crank case breather behind the starter, rather than in the valve cover behind the carb.

9 hp bearing plate.jpg

10 hp will have a flat bearing plate and tin covering most of the head

10 hp bearing plate.jpg

10 hp head tin.jpg

12 hp has balance gears at both ends, so the bearing plate is raised and odd shaped, also has less tin over the head. I think the 13 also looks like a 12.

12 hp bearing plate.jpg

12 hp head tin.jpg

14 15 and 16 hp, will have less tin over the head, and 2 humped fins next to the spark plug

16 hp head fins.jpg

Also, most of the 9's and at least some of the 10's do not have a fan in the pulley bolted to the flywheel. Nor do they have the "notch" in the pulley for a rope.Besides finding the numbers across the top like Bill's, you will also find them near the bottom of the shroud, even with the governor arm, and on the opposite side I've found on some 10's, about the same height.

number location.jpg








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