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DOH!! I think I sheared a flywheel key.


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I was out tilling the garden over the weekend to get ready for planting.

I was working the tiller hard, then I must have hit a stone, and EVERYTHING stopped.:o:O

I disengeged the drive, put the tractor in neutral, tried to start the engine, and it wouldn't run much above idle.

It also was popping and backfiring like crazy.sm02sm02

SOOOO, I limped it into the garage and decided to do other projects cuz the ground was too wet to plant anyway, I was making little mudballs.

I acquired a S/G that is correct to the machine, so that'll go on.

If anyone needs a "short" S/G for an old Broadmoor, I can hook you up when I find that the "new" one is working correctly.

When I'm done tilling, I have some new tines to install, as well as some extensions to add along with fabbing up some sheetmetal to extend the cover.

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I tore the engine down and checked the flywheel key, it was intact. I had a new one so I went ahead and installed it.sm02

So now that I have the engine this far apart, I pulled the head and brushed out the carbon in the chamber and checked the valves for sticking. They were operating ok. There was some old gas on top of the piston. The engine doesn't smoke, so the rings are ok.

I checked the governor adjustment, it was ok.

I'll bolt everything down and install a new spark plug tomorrow and check for reliable spark.

I am running a Magnetron with the flywheel repolarized.

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So I bought a new plug this morning and finished buttoning things up.

I had a decent spark, so I went ahead and readjusted the carburetor, and it fired right up. I set the carb per the manual, high speed first, then at idle.

Seems to me that I just loaded it up with fuel on Sunday when I hit the stone and the extra gas in the engine would backfire while still sucking more fuel.

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