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Tractor of the Month, May 2013

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This month is going to be the round hood Simplicity`s (700 through 2012). id="size3"> id="red"> I hope that I am not jumping the gun here. I am already a week behind. I also am staying out of this from now on and letting the people that volunteered to do this, take care of it each month.

1. For club (paid) members only.

2. Allis or Simplicity made tractor are eligible.. Later on, other tractors will be allowed.

3. The selection committee will determine each monthly criteria.

4. They can be a restoration, an original, a rescue, a modification, an extensive repair/rebuilt - as called by the committee.

5. Narrative and pictures are required - to tell its story, and why it is deserving of being the Club's tractor of the month. Tractors that do not meet theme criteria will be removed by the comitteee.

6. Members can enter a tractor multiple times (months), but it can only win once per year. Once they've won, they cannot submit it again for a year on any subject.

7. Each contest will have four week submission period followed by club membership voting for a two period after that. When a winner of that period is announced a new subject will be presented.

8. At the end of the year, we will have a separate contest of the previous winners for Tractor of the Year, with a bigger prize.


Added by Kent


This is now open for members to enter their own tractor. The newly-formed committee will determine future categories.

Post your entry as a reply to this topic, with pictures and a story -- sufficient to convince club members that it is deserving of being the club's Tractor of the Month.

Please post only entries/nominees in this topic -- any other replies will be deleted.

Once the nomination period is over, this topic will be locked, and members will be asked to vote on the nicest tractor listed in this topic.

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Ok, I'll bite. =] Here's an early machine that is now owned by it's 3rd club member.

Perry picked it up from a club member, and re-did her back in '09. Here is his rebuild thread:






The 32" deck remains in very nice, original condition


Today it's in my shop...Runs like a champ, and is a designated garden cultivating machine!




Showed her off at a local show last year, in her NOS Log & Brush Saw dress (thanks to ReedS for assisting with the adaptation of this attachment to the GT).


It is one of my favorite machines...I love the ride of these early flip-hood tractors, and the old Briggs 19 just thumps along. I just love the lines, and the early script of the chrome plated badges. Original Schenuit tires and all...





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I will enter my 700 also. But I cant find the thread I had on the build of it now. But I got this off the orginal owner that bought it new. When I bouught it was sitting in a ran down corn crip all in parts and every thing was there around it in 5 gallon buckets started the restore on it back in 2010 and finaly got it up and running just in the last few weeks. but im going to keep looking to see if I can find the topic on it and if I do ill post it in here to





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Well I'll enter my son's (Seth) tractor too. he looks around on here quite a bit. Just not old enough to join yet.Buut I picked this 2012 up last July 5th only a few miles away from me. And glad I did grab when I did because when huffy stopped here he saw it and asked me if it was the one that was on CL that he would of picked up when in the area. so you can never wait to long to grab them. Well I didnt know the seller but said it was his grandpas tractor and thaat he bought it new in 1967 summer.he was only selling cause he didnt have the space for it. But far as I can tell every thing is orginal on it but since then I have added a few thigs to it. the carryall I got that from Josh and the simplicity power bucket I got that off of craigNot perfect but a real good worker for sure



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Well...I'll bite too. Bryan suggested I enter my old Landlord, so as the story goes......... I had just finished the Blue diamond and had a little 1968 Serf that went with my for transportation duties at the Portland show. While there, a gentleman was trying to track me down through other ST members. When we finally came together, I fully expected that the gent wanted to make me an offer on the Blue Diamond. To my surprise (and my counterpart who would soon be walking...lol) he was interested in the Serf!! So, I gave him a price and my phone number to call if he decided he wanted the Serf. About 40 minutes later, my phone rings....."Ok Zip, I'll take it for $125.00", so we met up again, exchanged $$ and off he went. Now....The Serf was free to me and all it needed was a tune up and a new drive belt. Pull start only and a little 6hp Briggs moves that Serf along. I used it for a few weeks as my trim mower with its 26" (I think) deck. Going back about 5 hours in time.....As I am leaving my town to head towards Portland, I pass a sad looking large frame sitting out in some guys side yard. Of course, I HAD to stop to get a closer look. The gent said, $125.00 and it's yours! I told him I'd see what I could do and off to the show I went. Fate?? Perhaps that guy that HAD to have the Serf, knew he was going to help me get into my First Large Frame Simplicity, perhaps not, but......on the way home, I stopped, gave the guy the $125.00 and told him I would come and get it in 15 minutes after unloading the Blue Diamond. Thirty minutes after getting the old Landlord home, she was running. The story of my old 1964 Landlord before I acquired it was a somber reminder of a time long lost. The owners Father bought the unit new in 1964, mowed with it for two years, then got it stuck in a deep culvert with a tire that got knocked off its rim, so the owner just went back to the Simplicity dealer and bought another Landlord. Over the years, vegetation covered up the old forgotten Landlord. Then, when the Son of the original owner was taking care of his Fathers estate, he was clearing the overgrowth in the culvert and happened across the wayward Landlord that had spent nearly its entire life as home to numerous critters for decades. So....To start with, I was into the old Landlord for a whopping $0.00, since the Serf was free and sold for the price of the old Landlord. It was in incredible mechanical condition. Preserved, sans a heavy moss covering and a little surface ruse here and there. In her current condition, she's been retired as my Show Queen while a couple of her brothers (two 64 B-10s) take care of most of the duties on the three acres here. The modifications are numerous, but she wears 80% of her own original paint, with just the hood and two grill mesh inserts having been repainted. Keeping that in mind, I call her an excellent example of a real survivor tractor that shows quite well with her deserved blemishes and stained paint here and there. Some may notice the paint missing on the front grill frame...That's a factory blemish that I wanted to preserve as a reminder in time that it wasn't the glitz and glam that sold a utility tractor....it was its abilities and versatility. This.....is my old Landlords story. Almost from the day she rolled off the assembly line and made her way to Indiana.



















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I guess I will throw the 725 in for voting this month.When I first got it it was a pile of junk. I was going to part it out and got sick of tripping over it in the shed so I decided to restore it.It got completely tore apart and repainted,All new shiny bolts and a New seat from MaryGebhardt,had to make a grill and bought4 new tires.Motor is a 9hp briggs And has HiLo Here is a couple before pics

725 001a.JPG

725 002a.JPG

And here is the After

Done 001.JPG






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I'll nominate my modified 725. I got it off a Craigslist ad with a bad 7 1/4hp engine and the wrong wheels on the front.


Since I didn't have an extra 7 1/4hp engine for it laying around I decided to see what I did have. Looking on the shelf I saw an old 16hp Briggs opposed twin cylinder engine and thought, "I wonder if that would fit?" Since I was trying that I tried a few more changes. I went with a transmission and mounts from a 7010 which extended the wheelbase and then added some new tires.



A little paint and a new seat later. Also you will notice two pedals, one on the right and one on the left. The left pedal is now the clutch/brake and the right pedal is the throttle.








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I have to chime in...cant bite my tounge. Im not always game for customization of antique tractors, but THAT, Tom, is badazz!

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dOddOddOd I second your comment Josh!! AND!!!! Ever since I first saw Toms modified 725 I've been chomping at the bit (so to speak) to put my opposed twin 16hp in my early Monkey Wards Squire. If memory serves.....didn't you say that all that was needed to get the twin tucked in there was to cut slots in the sheet metal of the engine to get it to work?

So many projects, so little time!!

Lots of awesome entries this month! That's a great sign that people like the Tractor of the Month. Having entered and being one of the coordinators to the T.O.M., I hereby withdraw my 64 Landlord from the competition. Not for any other reason than to increase the chances of each nominated/entered machine. Some BEAUTIFUL Iron in this months running.

With just three days remaining, I'm hoping to see more entries, but as it stands, this will be a tough decision on who the lucky winner will be!


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For me there is a story attached to a lot of my tractors. This one started about September 2008 when good 'ole Simpleton7016 asks if I could ride along with him to Harvard, IL as he bought some 'stuff' and needed help loading that. Like a dummy I said OK. Well he leaves his house then goes to U-Haul and rents an 18 ft van . Dis ain't looking good.Well, we barely got the doors closed with stuff after we got back and unloaded little did I know the tractor circled would be mine.101aa.jpgThen in February 2009, Simpleton7016 calls me me from Disneyland telling me he about a 40 foot of more stuff he bought and needs me on about a week later. The day arrives, 10 above zero and yup there it is. He was right away going to scrap an A-C unit , four wheels and a frame, But I said I would take it home as it had brand new 6-12 AG tires on it.



In May 2009 Simpleton7016 calls and says he needs to have patio, storage area, cleaned by Mothers Day and would I be interested in taking one of the tractors that didn't sell. So now I an owner of a 101,It now needed a few things. I bought a 3112 with 48" deck and hyd lift for $50. I sold deck for $100 and now I have a hyd lift and good 12HP engine. I didn't realize that the hyd drive pulley for 10 & 12 HP engines were different, so out comes 10HP and in goes 12HP. I find a set of Guide headlights off of a Broadmoor and get a headlight bar from Samson, then found original.101c.jpg


Next came a Hi - Lo and then my son wanted to know if there was a sickle bar for it and I was lucky to get one that fall.


In the spring 2010, I tested it

and later took to my sons for the first run.His dilemma was more then the sickle wanted to tackle.


So from here on I have been taking it to local antique tractor shows, the most fun is the "Slow running tractor race".

The spinner on the crankshaft is nothing more then to attract the younger set.


That's my story and I am sticking to it.:D

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