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I got lucky !!!

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3 times :D:D:DWhat were you thinking ?:o:OFirst, some quick background. Every season, near the end something will go wrong.2 mowing seasons ago, the deck on my squire gave up. Sounded terrible, gotta be a spindle bearing. I set it aside and used another deck to finish the season.Ended up using a 3414 last year for mowing, so never did put bearings in it. I did think about it...Sometime last year I bought a set of bearings.Last year, near the end of the season, the 3414 suddenly lost all power and started knocking really bad. Ouch, not good. Pushed it aside and used something else.This winter, had problems with the Squire plowing. Acted like the diff was going, slid the axle back in and tight it would still stop moving. Bummer, don't have time for that either.So anyway, I finally had time lately to start on this major repair list.Dragged the Squire in and took off the right wheel weight. Looky there, the collar just fell off the hub. 2 minute fix. Lucky :o)So lets drag in the deck finally and replace the bearings. Got the first cover off and found the idler pulley had lost a bearing. 5 minute fix. Real Lucky :o)Since I have a few hours of repair time now that I didn't know I had, lets bring in the 3414 and see what up with that.Before I pull the engine, figured I'd just pull the head and survey the damage...This cute little washer? neatly folded laying on top of the undamaged piston. Just for giggles, put the head back on, fired it up and mowed the lawn. How Lucky is that :D:D:DNow, what is it and where did it come from ??? Too small to be the choke plate or throttle plate, and the engine starts up correctly and runs fine.

washer 1.jpg

washer 2.jpg



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quote:Originally posted by GrincheyOne

Dan, U must be on good terms with the "tractor angel"0:)Wayneid="Book Antiqua">id="size4">

id="quote">You hit the nail on the head there! A higher power has Dan in his sights for great (tractor-related) things!

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Dan, the longer the problem is postponed, the worse it gets. That is how little problems become major problems. How do I know? Well I think you can figure it out. LOL

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