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Finished Chicken Pen and Coop Set Up (New Pics)

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Here is the new chicken pen I have been building the past few weekends.

05182013 003.jpg

This new pen is in a great location in the corner of the yard into a wooded area.

05182013 006.jpg

05182013 007.jpg

Today we had to move our large coop across the yard to its new pen and home.




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Here is a good picture of the garden this year looking towards the coop and the old pen.

05182013 008.jpg

Here is the coop with the old broken down pen. This old pen was always falling down. It was not predator proof and nor in an ideal location in our yard. It was bisecting the backyard.

05182013 010.jpg

We jacked the coop up, and were able to get the trailer underneath it, and then lowered it down onto it.

05182013 015.jpg




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We hauled the coop across the yard to the new pen with the 3112.

05182013 019.jpg

05182013 021.jpg

05182013 022.jpg

It got a little tricky on this sloped grade to jack the coop back up so we could disconnect the trailer and pull it back out from under the coop.




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Here is the 3112 in the pen. I had just enough room to squeak the tractor out of the pen after I turned it around.

05182013 023.jpg

05182013 024.jpg

Tomorrow we will finish bolting everything together.

05182013 027.jpg

We did mange to get the coop level and stable and off the blocks today, but still a lot of work left with the pen, and a screened roof I need to build next weekend.I'll post more pictures as they become available.This is another example of a simple job around the house that I could not have done without my Simplicity. :D




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Aside from a few cosmetic details, we finished up our new chicken pen this week end. The majority of materials with the exception of the hard wire fencing, were recycled from my 20 yr old deck I took down 2 yrs ago.

06152013 046.jpg

06152013 047.jpg

Total pen dimensions are approximately 16' X 16'. The coop is 8' X 4'.

06152013 050.jpg

06152013 051.jpg

I ran 3 4 X 4 posts in concrete up the middle of the pen to carry the weight of the roof system and to split the distance of the rafters.

06152013 052.jpg

This is the rear view from the woods. We had to adapt to the grade of the land by elevating parts of the pen, which actually added to the character of the finished product.

06152013 053.jpg

06152013 054.jpg

Both my wife and I are pretty pleased with how it turned out. She is happy she will no longer have to lock the chickens in the coop at night.

06152013 055.jpg









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Nice setup!! I need to build a similar pen for mine. I'm guessing the protruding piece on the side is nests? Sure would be handy to gather eggs without ducking rafters!

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Thanks for all the compliments! dOd

You guys are great!

Some of you may get some ideas from what I was able to put together. I looked at quite a few pen and coop images online for ideas.

The wire was pricey, but everything else are materials we had around.

The chickens are loving it, we have 8 birds in there now, but will be going up to 18 when 10 baby chicks move out there soon.

They are free to go in and out of the coop now, without worries of an inadequate pen and predators lurking thereabouts.

When we are in the yard they free range all day outside the pen.

Yes, the box on the side is a nesting box.

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Scott Salmons

Very nice. How many chickens do you have? The rocks around the outside are a good idea, that should keep out pests.

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We will be up to 18 birds very soon.

The rocks are great because they helped with our elevation changes while simultaneously creating a barrier to predators.

A lot of people typically bury a fencing skirt instead of the rock, but the wire tends to rot in the ground over time.

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