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Possible Simplicity Discounts


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6-16-99 @ 22:07

Rehash of an earlier post:

I take it no one wants to venture an opinion, or guess,
regarding possible discounts on a new Sovereign.

Ok; how bout suggestions on how to haggle the best price?

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I have no idea where you live or any of the dealers near you, or what their policy is. At our dealership we only sell the tractors serviced set up, and with instructions on the operation. This what the factory expects us to do as they even have these questions on the owner registration cards and the purchaser signs if this happened. We have an outright price, and I assume most dealers do. However we and many other dealers we know only give list price over the phone, because if you quote discounts over the phone, typically the caller calls the next person and says can you beat xxxx. We feel it is important to provide help and service to our customers, to stock a lot of parts. We feel these things all have value. The Box (discount) stores sell price, stock no parts, and sell price quality products. We feel investing in a QUALITY product like this warrants a relationship, and has value. Just remember no dealer can always be the cheapest and stay in business. Everyoone needs a fair profit to stay in business. Sorry I don't mean to be preaching, but as a dealer I see what has happened to so many dealers the last 5 years, gone! Just talk to some of the dealers in your area and see what developes, but don't be surprised if getting on the phone and price shopping yeilds few results. Thanks for letting me express my feelings, and good luck to you. Al
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Roy, My local dlr. has a nice trick as I'm sure most dlrs do. They claim to give you a 'discount' then jack up suggested list price so after your'discount' you're paying list or maybe a touch more than list. That's on parts BTW not whole goods like tracs.On tracs. a dlr. dosen't have much room to bargain because his 'margin' isn't as great as on parts. And they wonder why everyone goes to the box stores for tracs, and NAPA for parts, maybe tired of gettin ripped off HUH!!?? Good luck finding an honest dlr!
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6-18-99 @ 23:35

To All,

Thanks for the input. I appreciate it.
I have a local dealer I have dealt with for 20+ years
to keep my B-1 running (as a parts source).
They have given me a good price (less than list and
less than other dealers). In fact, they recommended I
wait until late this year when their factory discount
is more and they can pass some of it on to me. I will
most likely buy from them.
I ask the question because I was trying to get a feel
for what a "fair deal" is. Al and Roberto are both
right. Somewhere between the discount stores and paying
list price is a fair/reasonable price that allows the
dealer to make a decent profit without ripping off the
customer. And, us poor folks have to make the best
deals we can with our limited funds.
Thanks again,
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