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7116 Vac collector remote hose

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I was thumbing through the literature that I have for me 7116 and it looks like there was a remote collector hose available for this unit. Does anybody have one or have you made one? I'm thinking of taking something like this:


and welding a flange that will simply drop in where the normal collection chute plugs in from the deck tube. Or just slide out the normal translucent tube coming from the deck and connect the same diameter of this tubing over the elbow. It seems like this would be much easier for cleaning up the landscaping and getting rid of the piles that blow against the house in the spring. I'm hoping somebody has beat me to the punch and can provide some guidance.

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I have a roving nozzle. There is a flange that does drop in where the normal chute goes, held on by a what is essentially a big hose clamp. There is a metal handle with, again, essentially two large hose clamps probably three feet from the end so you can hold on to and guide it. The hose is probably about 16 feet long? Not sure.

If the place you are looking at is truly $19 per foot, that would be one expensive vacuum hose!

They are nice for leaf piles, etc. But they are not quite as handy as one would think, especially if you have a seat nanny on your tractor. Even with a 16-20 foot hose you have to move the tractor and unit around quite a bit. You can only get the tractor so close to a given area, you have to have it in the correct direction or you lose many feet of useable hose (left hand side vs. right hand of tractor), and then of course to keep moving the tractor to cover more area. Like I said, nice for certain things, but overall I don't find myself using it all that much because it isn't all that handy. Keep in mind too, that it takes some room to store it.

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I tried the roving hose idea with a home-made nozzle. As Brett described, they're not easy to use. Another limitation is that the leaves or debris is not chopped up by the blades on the mower deck, and only minimally chopped by the blades on the vacuum itself - so the cart tends to fill up much, much faster.

I abandoned that approach of vacuuming with a roving nozzle, and just started using a leaf blower to blow the leaves out into an open area where I could run over them, chop them with the mower deck (using Gator Blades), and vacuum them up into the cart...

You can buy a nice leafblower for the cost of enough heavy-duty tubing to make a good roving nozzle setup...

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I agree with the above, on a tractor, not all that handy.

I have used one that worked very well, but I don't think will fit your situation. :D:D

25 years ago, I worked for a landscaper and we built one for fall leaf cleanup.

30 feet of 8 inch hose, attached to a silo loader, run by a 4 cylinder Wisconsin, mounted on the tongue of a 22 foot enclosed trailer.

2 guys with big backpack style blowers and 1 guy on the hose could clean a typical 1/3 acre lot full of trees in the fall in about a 1/2 hour. :D:D:D:D

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