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A Trailer Load

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A year or so ago my son spotted a B110 for sale sitting in someone's front yard. He liked it, we (I) bought it. As we chatted with the owner we learned that his neighbor across the street has a few B110s. We walked over and checked it out. At this time it looked like a pile of rusted metal on flat tires. What little I knew!My son restored the old B110 and as I helped him accomplish the task I wanted my own. He made great use of the tractor during the winter plowing driveways for cash and cleaning up our property in any way he could with the plow. What fun for him. That money making part of it got him into the lawn mowing biz where he has bought a Skag mower with a sulky, a trailer, a pickup truck (times two), and all the other stuff to support his lawn mowing business. And he's just 16. Amazing lad. And to think it all started with fixing up that old garden tractor.Anyway,,,, enough of him for now. I've since bought my own old tractor, a B10 (seen elsewhere on this site), and have recently restored. I need a mid PTO assembly for the mower deck so I paid a call to the guy with all the B110s. Funny guy. No sooner than I asked him if I could buy a PTO assembly he said he'd sell everything for $500. Uh,,, SOLD. 3 B110's, 3 mower decks. All in various stages of decomposition but plenty of usable stuff. For sure I can create two better than new B110's out of these. Here's the pics.







B110 No.1.JPG

B110 No.2.JPG

B110 No.3.JPG

And here's my B10,,, used to pull the B110's out of the trailer.












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Wow. What a great deal on these. Your restoration looks fantastic also. NICE TRACTOR! I wish I could find a haul like that. I'm pretty far south in NC and we don't see many AC's or Simplicity's here. I guess most of the original sales were up North. Makes the hunt that much more challenging though. I know what you mean by helping your son and getting the bug yourself. Keep up the good work and please share your future rebuild projects with us.

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I commend you on an awesome packing job on the trailer. What a haul and that IS one heck of a restore...SWEEEET! |)

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What a difference between these B110s and the B10 I bought and restored. Everything came off with no problem at all,,,, steering wheel, pulley wheels. On each of these B110s the mid PTO pulley wheel on the BGB is majorly stuck. Took the torch to 'em all and no budge at all. I have a two prong puller that I used on the B10,,, worked great. On the B110 pulley it just bends the pulley wheels. I probably should look for a different tool to get these pulley wheels off. Maybe something that splits and goes behind the pulley to give is even pressure rather than the prongs which tend to bend things.

Oh, and thanks for the kudos on the B10 restore. I've been waiting on the right side panel (got it a few days ago) to get painted before I call this one complete. Should be this week. And working on the 46" dozer blade and 42" mower deck at the same time then I'll put the B10 to work.

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