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BGB Seal Test?

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Hello folks, it's been a while since I posted. Good to be back. My BGB shot craps on the Mutt (LL 2010) and I bought one on E-Bay. (I'll post some pics when I get it out of there. (Should provide some entertainment value! wah) The one I bought looks to be in good shape with very little play in it, but I was wondering, since it came w/o oil, if I fill it with oil and then let it sit with the various shafts pointed downward for a bit, would that test tell me if the seals are good? I need to get this thing in there as quickly as possible and would rather not mess with replacing the seals if possible. (I know I SHOULD!) Just wanted to see if that test would tell me if they are good or not. Thanks for the help!

BTW, Big thanks to Kent for helping me resolve the old e-mail address issue!

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If it were me, it would be a no brainer to just proactively replace all 3 seals (penny wise-pound foolish). This BGB is 40+ years old and unless you know it recently had new seals put in it why take a chance? Also just having oil coating the bearings/seal with it static on the bench is not a good enough test VS the shafts spinning under axial/lateral load IMHO.

Tom (PK)

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I agree. You're just not going to get the internal pressure you need to really check seals. And plus, penny wise, pound foolish will bite you every time.

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I would bet you will get several people who will tell you the same thing....change the bearings now BEFORE you have to pull the whole thing out again later....and I can tell you that there will be little to no motivation to do that chore again...I won't tell you how I know that...just take me at my word.

Good luck.

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