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Simplicity Vickers Hydro filters

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First, hello! You folks have helped me for many years and months in learning all the tricks of keeping my Simplicitys running.

Recently bought a 3416H, incredibly low hours (no wear on things like linkages, pivots, etc) possibly 200 hours on it).

Necessarily, things like original oil, filters, tires etc had to be replaced.

Ah, there's the rub: That danged Hydro filter - they get 55 bucks for it, and it's just a standard canister w/16-18 micron filter material.

So did a little R&D on numbers and thought I'd share my findings below.


(Price Each: $9.12)


(Price /Filter: $9.46)


(Price: $6.63)


From the Simplicity 3416H Manual:

166147 - the manual for the 3416H lists this filter element part #.

2166147SM - is the new part number.

1603489, 166147, 2166147, and 72027483 were all previous part numbers for

this filter, and they all now reference to 2166147SM.


3rd Party sources:

Brand Part No.

Fluitek P 3004-30B61

Purolator H202247

Wix 51467


Napa 1467 (FIL 1467) is the correct filter: (it lists the vickers)

Part Number: 1467 (FIL 1467)

UPC Number: 765809139251

Principal Application: Baker Trucks, Hancock, Hough, IHC, John Deere,

New Holland, Towmotor, Vickers Hydraulic (16 Micron)


Details on filter assembly


All Applications

Style: Cartridge Hydraulic Metal Canister Filter

Service: Hydraulic

Type: Full Flow

Media: Paper

Height: 4.468

Outer Diameter: 2.906

Inner Diameter Top: 0.480

Inner Diameter Bottom: 1.115

Beta Ratio: 2/20=15/25

Nominal Micron Rating: 19

Gasket Diameters

Number O.D. I.D. Thk.


5381 3.540 3.240 0.093

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quote:Originally posted by Ronald Hribar

I was given the Napa number 1300 to use

id="quote">Yes, that's what I was handed initially and prompted me to do the research. They are different not just in size, but construction. You can review the two part numbers side by side via the links below.http://www.fleetfilter.com/filter/wix-oil-filters/51467.htmlhttp://www.fleetfilter.com/filter/wix-oil-filters/51300.htmlNotice the difference in price too: That's not gimmickry, the quality of the filter media, the ability to handle higher volume and abrasion resistance because of the design all push the price up.I'd take the durned thing back myself.Good Luck!

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Sweet info...Welcome to the club. Looking forward to more great detective work! Anything to save a buck.

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