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Tractor Of The Month July

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id="red">July Tractor of the month will be ALL Simplicity and Allis-Chalmers Flat hoods. 3100/3200 series Simplicities and B-100/200 Allis-Chalmers.

1. For club (paid) members only.

2. Allis or Simplicity made tractor are eligible.. Later on, other tractors will be allowed.

3. The selection committee will determine each monthly criteria.

4. They can be a restoration, an original, a rescue, a modification, an extensive repair/rebuilt - as called by the committee.

5. Narrative and pictures are required - to tell its story, and why it is deserving of being the Club's tractor of the month. Tractors that do not meet theme criteria will be removed by the comitteee.

6. Members can enter a tractor multiple times (months), but it can only win once per year. Once they've won, they cannot submit it again for a year on any subject.

7. Each contest will have four week submission period followed by club membership voting for a two period after that. When a winner of that period is announced a new subject will be presented.

8. At the end of the year, we will have a separate contest of the previous winners for Tractor of the Year, with a bigger prize.


Added by Kent


This is now open for members to enter their own tractor. The newly-formed committee will determine future categories.

Post your entry as a reply to this topic, with pictures and a story -- sufficient to convince club members that it is deserving of being the club's Tractor of the Month.

Please post only entries/nominees in this topic -- any other replies will be deleted.

Once the nomination period is over, this topic will be locked, and members will be asked to vote on the nicest tractor listed in this topic.

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Ok for this months TOM I'm going to submit not 1 but 2 3112v's. Known to me as the "Twins". Neither tractor has been restored, so both tractors have a "patina" of sorts. It's rather hard to find one let alone 2 that are in this condition unrestored and ready to work at any time!






Thing 1 is equipped with an overhauled and repainted L112 or known as a 515 Simplicity Loader. The bucket is a reproduced replacement. It also sports the original 31x10.5x12 Goodyear terra tracs in the rear as well as the original Goodyears on the front. This tractor also came equipped with the optional hydro-lift and head lights.It has the original (to the best of my knowledge) 12hp B&S that runs flawlessly. I use this on a weekly basis for whatever chore that suits it. Thing 2 is currently equipped with a 990538 sickle mower and a set of dual rear wheels with 6x12 ags. The dual adaptor are an original NOS set that I got in an ebay tractor/parts deal many years ago. This tractor was a craig's list find purchased as a non-runner, though it too has the original 12hp B&S engine that also now runs flawlessly as well as a now overhauled hydro-lift. Note that this tractor also has a right hand lift lever as well as a factory front/rear ball hitch mount currently mounted on it. That's all I can recall on these two for the moments any questions or thoughts are welcome!

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My submission, a 1968 Simplicity 2110.


I've owned this tractor about 12 years or so. When I bought it, the 10HP Briggs was blown. So I was going to part it out. Placed a few ads here, not much interest. So I decided to resurrect it.


There just happened to be a 10HP Briggs sitting in my shed, so I installed it. Got it to where it ran good, so used it for a few years that way. Changed the BGB and trans fluid. Then I decided to repaint it. The color is Allis Chalmers orange, from Rural King. The white is RustOLeum white. The stripes are from a Komatsu excavator, PC150 I think. Headlights are from AutoZone, I believe.


I built a battery box for the back. It fit's a full size battery, and also serves as weight. The taillites are trailer marker lites. Seat is a Craftsman I had. This tractor is strictly for snowblowing, so it still has the chains on it. Front axle, tires front and rear, are from a B210 I parted. Judging from the response so far, these tractors must be somewhat rare, or not as popular as some, so I hope it makes "Machine of the Month".

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My submission. The tractor that got me started, my B-208 with mower deck. Tried to get this tractor for years from a war buddy of my grandpas. I originally saw it at a show he was displaying it at. Finally one day he came up to me when I was working with my grandpa and told me I could have it. For $1. Needless to say I had to go pick it up immediately. Ever since then I have used it to pull my custom water wagon and to mow and to do odd chores. The deck came from a member on the site who actually told me about the site when I went to pick up the mower. This tractor has been a real work horse and has never let me down. I even had a Hydrogen fuel cell on it for a while. I built it for a science fair project and decided to try it out. This is by far my favorite tractor.



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